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Hadleigh Woods is an Adult Community located in Windham, New Hampshire nestled in a fifty five acre pine and hardwood forest with beautifully landscaped lawns and plantings in the common, residential areas. The complex consists of thirty one separate buildings divided into sixty two individual duplex units housing one hundred or so permanent owner/residents. The residents share the common areas on Flat Rock Road (off Route 28), Blackburn Road and Hadleigh Road.

The Hadleigh Woods gang: active and inseparable

By Amylynne Baker-Santagate WindhamLife Writer

Block parties. Snappy, live guitar tunes. Pizza.

Though it sounds like the stuff of teen gatherings, it's actually the lifestyle of the young-at-heart men and women of Windham's 55-plus Hadleigh Woods community. The close-knit neighborhood of friends located off Route 28 on Flat Rock Road, is full of spirit and energy.

"We have cookouts in the summer and pizza parties. Bob hooks up his truck with the amplifier and plays the guitar and sings for us," says Harry Milliken, ombudsman of the Hadleigh Woods Association.

Bob Spaulding replies with a crimson blush and bright smile.

"Yeah, I play and sing at the parties. I guess I can be a bit of ham." Bob played in a cover band titled "Remember When" for a few years that showcased tunes from the '50's. He loves to entertain by playing the guitar, keyboard or saxophone, whether it's at the cookouts or holiday parties they take turns hosting at their homes.

The Christmas season brings caroling, hot cider and brandy stops along the way with a gathering afterward organized by Marian Spahan. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and others bring open house dinner parties at various homes. Not to mention the activities they hold or are involved with through the Windham Recreation Department at the Senior Center such as ballroom dance lessons.

President-elect Richard Michaud says, "Anything we are is due to Harry Milliken and his wife Gratia. He's really been the one to pull this group together and suggest most of the events. We don't have a clubhouse, so it puts us out in the community and interacting in places like this (Park Place bowling lanes in Windham.)

"On Fridays we have breakfast over at the Alley Cat (adjacent to Park Place). Sometimes as many as 30 of us will come, which is a pretty good turnout," says Mr. Milliken.

Mr. Michaud adds, "And on Sundays we walk the Rail Trail. People call us 'The Walkers'; we love it over there. As a group, we donated the money to sponsor about five feet of the trail."

Claire Donnelly says, "There is a lot on Wednesdays. We bowl in the afternoon and then go over to J Michael's to eat and after that, the men take turns playing pool at different homes and some of the women go play dominos."

The group's activities aren't limited to Windham.

"Sometimes we take day trips," offers Mary Ann Doyle. "A few of us went together on a tour of Fenway Park not too long ago and last year three couples went to Alaska on vacation together."

Tom Tosto started a website for the group and together with Richard Michaud they keep the community informed. They say about 80 percent of the residents have e-mail and are constantly connecting with each other that way.  They haven't forgotten those without computers though: They send out flyers and the group has their own newsletter titled "The Gazette" to keep everyone in the know.

The four year-old 55-plus community of 102 residents has something for everyone to enjoy in all the age groups. The average age is 72 and about 75 percent of the residents are retired.

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Bob Spaulding, formerly of the cover-band Remember When and member of the Hadleigh Woods Association lets one roar down the lane at Park Place Bowling Lanes in Windham.


April, 2007

Hadleigh, continued from page 4

About 10 are snow birds who head to Florida when the snow flies. The rest brave the winter here in Windham at the place they call home.

President Len Kimball is one of those snow birds who is due to return soon. He has contributed a lot to the group according to his friends, including dark green polo shirts that sport a small Hadleigh Woods logo.

Bob Spaulding can't imagine living anywhere else.

"It's really a great group of people," he says. "We moved here from Everett, where we grew up, a few years ago and really love it."

Members of the Hadleigh Woods Association (rear L to R) Harry Milliken and Hartley Powell; (front L to R) president-elect Richard Michaud and Bob Spaulding.


The women of Hadleigh Woods include Claire, Judy, Mary Ann, Terry, Anna Gratia & Joanne B.



Up Close and Personal


Hartley at his new computer desk

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