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This is our current document that was amended at our 11/07/2006 Annual Meeting


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            These Condominium Rules are adopted for the benefit of Owners of Condominium Units at the Hadleigh Woods Adult Community Condominium (“The Condominium”).  They are intended to assist in preserving a clean and attractive environment, assuring the peaceful enjoyment of The Condominium, and protecting and enhancing the value of the Owner’s property.  They are not designed to unduly restrict or burden the use of the property.

            All Owners at The Condominium and their families, tenants, guests, invitees, and licensees are expected to abide by these Rules which are meant to supplement the provisions of the Declaration and By-Laws.

1.     ADDITIONS TO EXTERIOR OF BUILDING.  Changes or additions, hanging plants, name signs, designs, etc., affecting the appearance of the exterior of buildings are to be made only with the consent of the Board of Directors of The Condominium (“The Board”).  Television, radio, other antennas, satellite dishes, or other receptors of electronic intelligence transmissions shall not be attached to any Unit, Building or Common Area.  A standard American flag (approximately 2.5 ft. by 4.0 ft.), only, may be flown on any day, from dawn until dusk, on the front of a unit in the specific location and utilizing the specific wooden pole bracket authorized by The Board..


2.     NOISE.  Everyone will be expected to exercise extreme care to avoid unnecessary noise and at no time are musical instruments, radios, phonographs, or television to be so loud as to disturb others.  Noise levels shall be reduced after 10:00 p.m. so that neighbors are not disturbed.


3.     LITTERING.  There will be no littering.  Paper, cans, bottles, cigarette butts, food, pet debris, and other waste are to be disposed of only in appropriate trash containers and under no circumstances are such items to be dropped or left on the grounds or other Common Area.


4.     OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT.  Bicycles, sporting goods, toys, cooking equipment, baby carriages, lawn furniture, and other personal articles and equipment, shall not be left outside of a Unit, and when in use outside of a Unit shall be maintained and used in accordance with Rule 5.  Deck furniture may be used seasonally and reasonably.


5.     IMPROPER USE OF COMMON AREA.  There shall be no use of Common Area, which injures or scars the Common Area, or the trees or plantings thereon, increases the maintenance thereof, or causes unreasonable embarrassment, disturbance, or annoyance to other Owners in their enjoyment of The Condominium.


6.     OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES.  There shall be no organized sports activities, picnicking, or fires, except in areas approved by The Board.  Only charcoal fires in protective metal barbecue containers may be used in such approved areas and provided that such fires are carefully guarded and not hazardous to buildings or property.


7.     PLANTINGS.  Owners will be permitted to plant shrubs, vegetables, and flowers in areas approved by The Board.  Such plantings shall be at the Owner’s expense and subject to standards as to locations, use, and maintenance established by The Board from time to time.


8.     SPEED LIMIT.  The speed limit for all vehicles within The Condominium shall not exceed 20 MPH.


9.     CHILDREN AND GUESTS.  Owners and tenants shall be held responsible for the actions of their family, guests, invitees, and licensees.  If occupancy by tenants or guests creates a nuisance to other Owners, The Board shall have the right to require that the offensive tenants or guests leave.


10.  PASSKEY.  The Board may retain a passkey to each Unit.  No Owner may alter any lock or install a new lock on any door leading into the Unit of such Owner without the prior consent of The Board.  If such consent is given, the Owner shall provide The Board with a key for its use.  It is not intended that an Owner’s privacy be intruded upon, and such key shall not be used except in a personal or property emergency to gain access to such Unit.


11.  PAYMENT OF ASSESSMENT.  All Assessments for Common Expenses are due and payable by check or money order on the first day of each month.  Payment shall be made at The Association office on or adjacent to the Premises, if any, or shall be mailed to the Treasurer or The Association at the address designated for that purpose.


12.  CONSENT REVOCABLE.  Any consent or approval of The Board or its authorized agent given under these Rules shall be revocable at any time.


13.  COMPLAINTS.  Complaints or violation of these Rules should be made to The Board or its authorized agent either orally or in writing.  If the complaint is made to the authorized agent and the Owner is not satisfied with the result, or if there is no authorized agent at that time, the complaint should be made in writing to The Board.  If The Board feels that the complaint is justified, it will take whatever action it deems necessary.  The complainant will be notified in writing by The Board as to what action, if any, has been taken.


14.  AMENDMENT.  These Condominium Rules may be revised in any way at any time by The Board as conditions warrant, provided that a written communication is sent to each Owner advising him of the change.


15.  PROOF OF AGE OF EACH RESIDENT.  Not more than once each year, each resident of each Unit within the Condominium shall, upon request by the Board of Directors, submit to The Association, proof of the age of each resident by submitting:


A.    a copy of a valid driver’s license; or

B.    a copy of a military service identification card; or

C.    a copy of a passport; or

D.    a copy of a resident alien card; or

E.     an affidavit, duly authorized, sufficient to reasonably meet the requirements of        24 CFR 100.307 to establish compliance with The Federal Fair Housing Act, and the exemption for “elderly housing.”


This Rule may not be amended except at an annual meeting at which at least ninety percent (90%) of the Unit Owners:


A.    are present and voting; and

B.    vote in favor of such change.


16.  PETS.  No animals, amphibians and reptiles, livestock, or poultry, except two (2) domesticated household pets, consisting of dogs and/or cats, shall be kept anywhere within The Condominium.  Fish aquariums not in excess of twenty (20) gallons are exempt.

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