Hadleigh Woods Gazette

Volume 61                                      website: hadleighwoods.com                                  April 2012


Important Association News

Message from the President


It looks as if spring is here and the flowers are in the process of returning along with our family of deer and welcome back all you “snowbird” neighbors.

To give you a brief update, the 48-hour test on the new well was completed in March and the final report has been sent to the State for approval.  If all goes as we are hoping, there will be a meeting in June to give everyone complete information and the board’s recommendations for proceeding.

During May, the Board and some volunteers will be conducting an inventory of the Cottage and a complete listing will be available to everyone in the neighborhood.  If there are any people who wish to help, the inventory will be taken on Friday, May 4 about 10:30 am.

In addition to the inventory, we will be doing our annual walk around on May 11 after our next Board meeting.  We have received some comments on issues for individual units, but decided to evaluate if there are the same issues at any other units before proceeding with corrections in order to co-ordinate the efforts.  If anyone has some comments, please do not hesitate to contact a Board member so it can be included on our master listing of issues.



 Board Meetings

January 13, 2012

It was determined that Marian will continue as president and will take on the treasurer’s role this year while she brings Jim up to speed on the treasurer’s responsibilities, so he can eventually take over the position. Nancy and John will share the secretarial position, so John can be available when Nancy is not. John will download all the files on the flash drive. President Elect, Roger, will continue to head the Water Committee. Board Members will get keys to the cottage and the closet. Marian will get the paperwork together to go to the bank and update the names of the board members who can sign checks. Three people are authorized to sign checks, however, each check only requires two signatures. Those board members who are authorized to do this are Marian and Roger, Jim will be added.

Treasurer’s Report

Marianreviewed the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Sheet as of December 31, 2011. Standard water testing is about $150 a month. On the budget normal water testing is listed at $522.38, which Roger feels is a little high. He will look into it. Marian distributed copies of the Sub- surface account (for Rooter-Man) which must be kept separate.

Water Committee

Roger reported on the water issue. The 24 hour pump test results from the new well, which were done on December 22, 2011 are back. They show that a hydrostatic relationship between the old and new wells is of no concern to us. There is no quality relationship between the old and the new wells. This is shown by the difference in the levels of magnesium and chloride in the two wells. In the new well the level of manganese is 261, while in the old wells it is 588 and 563. The level of chloride in the new well is 129, while in the old wells it is 460 and 440.  However, we still have two issues: the hardness and the manganese. The manganese and iron can be treated with a green sand filter. The hardness can be treated with salt, less salt than previous because the level of hardness is lower. However, Marian feels the state will still make us tank the brine, which is the result of treating the hardness. Roger told the board that Charlie Lanza from Hampstead Water/Lewis Builders recommends that the organization pursue a new well. Roger will meet with Charlie and the state next week. Once we commit to a new well it involves a lot of money and we will need a bottom line estimate of all five pieces of the project. The 48 hour test will be done next. It takes three months to get the results of this test.

Landscaping Committee

Andrea reported that the sink holes have not been filled in.

Old Business

Jim will call B&C to see if they will handle filling in the sink holes in the spring. If they will not do this, we will get someone else.

Early plow list: Andrea is off the early plow list. Two inches or more of snow require plowing by B&C.

Permits for generators: Marian is to receive a copy of the permits for generator installation. Four units have installed the generators, but the board needs the permits. Generators have been installed or are in the process of being installed on Hadleigh Road at numbers: 3, 5, 6, and 10.

New Business

Marian will call tree removal about broken tree top in access road to old pump and branches touching John’s stairs.

Jim told the board of the many problems that he has had recently with Eastern Propane regarding his water heater. Andrea mentioned that an Eastern Propane delivery truck has been backing into Claire’s driveway to make a delivery. The driveways are not built for this type of vehicle. John will write a letter to Eastern Propane about these problems.

Marian asked Richard to put an article in the gazette asking for volunteers to help with an inventory of the cottage. A representative of Team Maintenance will need to be present to help determine everything that belongs to the association. (This has nothing to do with the library side)

It was brought to the board’s attention that someone had suggested that rent be charged for the use of the cottage. The board did not think that this would be appropriate, since Team Maintenance who stores their equipment there has donated thousands of dollars of equipment and uses the cottage to help condo owners.


February 10, 2012

Marian gave the Treasurer’s report ending January 31, 2012. To date $13,364 has been spent for the new well.


Tom T. had called the board regarding modification to the outside of his unit in order to install a new water heater. After reviewing the request the board unanimously decided to deny the request because of aesthetics and in order not to set a precedent. Marian moved that the board send a letter to Tom with the board’s decision.

Marian also informed the board that a letter had been sent to Joe Gallant’s son requesting that he correct the cable issue on the outside of the unit at 23 Flat Rock Road before he sells the unit.

Old Business

The broken tree top in the access road to the old pump has been removed.

A letter was sent to Eastern Propane about a delivery truck which was parked in a unit driveway while delivering propane, because the board was concerned that this could damage the driveway.

John will compose Certificates of Authorization for the board members to sign. John will email these to Marian and Nancy to be saved into the file.

New Business

Keys to the locked key box were given to Marian and John. John was also given keys to the cottage and the mailbox.

Roger will take care of the key for the Fire Department.

Roger reported on the permanent generators. Two permits are required to install a permanent generator: a building permit for the electrical and a permit from the Windham Fire Department for the gas line. The board should receive copies of these permits from the owners. Roger also brought to the board’s attention the fact that the black pipes associated with the generators are oxidizing. The board decided that these pipes should be covered and maintained with gray paint and that this should be added to the list of requirements for the permanent generators.

Marian moved to update the generator requirements by adding that the pipes should be painted and maintained with gray paint. She also moved to send a letter to the owners installing these permanent generators informing them of the new requirement.

Water Committee

Roger gave the board members an update on the water project. The 48 hour water test required by the state will be done in March. The test results take 2 weeks to come back. State approval takes 2 months. Hopefully in the spring we will get the go ahead to lay pipes. Regarding softening a Marlow water softening system will be installed. It will decrease effluent by half. However, we will still have to tank the brine. Once the old equipment is removed the new equipment should fit into the pump house without adding a bump out. Roger said that he has given up on the original irrigation contractor and he has requested and received a listing from DES. He has called eight local contractors and is waiting to hear from them.

March 9, 2012

Treasurer’s Report

Marian distributed the Balance Sheet as of February 29, 2012. $3000 from the money market account will be transferred into the checking account to cover the bill for the water project. Marian will do a spend down sheet for the cottage and a balance sheet for the water project separately, because there is no place in Quicken Books to do that.


The letters to owners putting generators were delivered by John.


Marian reported that she received a letter from Kevin Gallant, the son of Joe Gallant who recently passed away. Kevin informed her that he had the illegal phone cable removed, which left a small hole. He requested that she have the hole fixed and send the bill to him. Marian contacted Harry and Team Maintenance. They will do the work and bill Kevin. Kevin also reported that he changed the locks on the unit and nobody is to enter it without notifying him. He gave Marian the new key, which she put in the lockbox.

Committee Reports

Landscaping and Snow Plowing - Jim reported on plowing. He received one complaint which was resolved. Jim also mentioned the lawn problems caused by plowing in the winter of 2010 – 2011. These were not resolved because there was no irrigation system last summer. They will be corrected this year.

Water Committee

Roger reported on the water committee. The project is moving along nicely.

The preliminary report for the new bedrock well #3 was submitted to the state. It was approved pending resolution of a water conservation section. There were 3 issues resolved, including the organization’s position on changes in the irrigation operation.

The submitted response after discussion was as follows:

An irrigation plan is currently being developed, but has not as yet been approved by the condo association. Examples of proposed changes include:

Changing auto start up and stop dates.     

Reducing irrigation schedule from 6 times per week to less frequently, such as twice a week

Eliminating certain zones, such as the rear of units that are not essential.

Plans are being made for the next step, which is the required 48 hour test.

This test should be done the week of March 17th

No volunteers are needed.

Notice has been sent to 4 abutters (as required by the state) to monitor their wells.

Bacteria samples and water pressure readings have to be taken before and after the 48 hour test.

The results of the test will be submitted to the state

After state approval, the new well #3 can be used.

The split in the irrigation system is also moving along nicely. Bid requests were submitted to 8 irrigation contractors and 3 responded. The next step will be to review these bids.

In April and May the assessment will be looked into, so that it will be ready for the semi-annual meeting.

Old Business

B&C will take care of the sink holes in the complex.

Roger called and is waiting to hear from the Fire Department about the key to the fire hydrant.

Updates on generator requirements were done.


New Business

Priscilla welcomes new owners to Hadleigh Woods. It is unclear if this welcome is extended to renters. If not, it should be. Marian will look into this.

Jim reported on tax preparation. He will pick up the organization’s forms from Salem Bank today. However, he is having a problem getting the forms from Citizens Bank. He will stop there today to check on the status of these forms, which need to be in by March 15.

John will do the age requirement letters this year and Marian will bring them to the town.

Gazette Distribution: Joanne Bond will mail them to the snowbirds.

An issue with the catch basin behind the gazebo was brought to the board’s attention. Two snow sticks were put into the basin by a visitor. Roger suggested and the board agreed to contact the man who cleans the basins to determine how to remove these safely.



Hadleigh Woods Website

New feature – we have enhanced our hadleighwoods.com website with a new search feature.  At the top of our homepage you will be able to search our website for quicker access to what you want without going through the menu system. 



 Team Maintenance

Frost-free faucets are designed to eliminate the risk of water freezing in the pipe during the winter, bursting the pipe upon thawing and causing water damage in the adjacent area. Because such damage was once prevalent, frost-free faucets are now mandated by most building codes.

Frost-free sillcocks are designed such that the shut-off valve is located about 8 to 12 inches inside the sillcock pipe. This puts the water line inside the house or building the faucet is attached to. The further the sillcock reaches inside the heated walls, the lower the chance of a bursting pipe.

If you have a leaking problem with your outside faucet, the Association will supply the unit owner with a replacement faucet, but the unit owner is responsible for the installation. Consider Team Maintenance for the repair or replacement.


Hadleigh Woods Yard Sale

Saturday May 19th and Sunday May 20th from 9 to 3



Breakfast Every Friday at 8:30 AM.   An informal breakfast, open to all residents and guests of Hadleigh Woods, is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside the Park Place Lanes.

Bowling Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The H-WOpen-To-All” bowling party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM at Park Place Lanes.  Afterward we go for a meal at either the Kitchen or the lounge at Park Lanes

Rail Trail Every Sunday.  The Derry Rail Trail is complete from the Windham line to route 102 (Main Street) in downtown Derry. The weather looks good for returning to walking the trail again. Going to the Windham Kitchen is always a treat after walking a few miles.