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Volume 65                                      website: hadleighwoods.com                               January 2013


Well, it looks as though the Patriot's fans won't be as enthusiastic about the Super Bowl this year. Is it better to lose earlier and get the disappointment over with?

Still, I'm sad, because I love my New England sports teams, rarely miss a game, and know I have lots of company. Imagine how many millions of fans, worldwide, watch countless games of every imaginable sport, from sandlot to arena, in fair weather or foul, rich and poor, winning and losing. The numbers are mind boggling. Sports give us so much enjoyment all year round and keep us connected for better or worse. (Do you listen to sports radio?)

I'm amazed at how often obituaries will describe the deceased as a great Red Sox/Patriot's fan. This is serious business!!

I am grateful for the entertainment sports give us season to season. I'll miss seeing “Tommy” at the Super Bowl but let's get this winter over with and look forward to the next opening day and keep cheering for the home teams.






 Association News

Message from the President

 New Board for 2013: Tom T. - President, John B. - Secretary, Lucille R. - Treasurer, Jim C. - Director.

This is my second term on the Board, and as other Board members before me that have served two terms in the past I want Hadleigh Woods to maintain control of their own destiny. I also want to thank previous Board members that have served over the years. They are as follows: Charlene Clinton, Nina DelVecchio, Mary Ann Doyle, Joe Garden, Nancy Gritti, Tom Harvey, George Hockaday, Leonard Kimball, John Kottmyer, Roger Labrecque, Richard Michaud, Harry Milliken, Gratia Milliken, Dick Morin, Millie Santomassino, Dom Sarcia, Ed Schroeder, Marian Spahn & Frank Walsh.

It has come to our attention that some owners have been finding corrosion and water leaking at the main shutoff where the water enters the house in the basement. In some cases, it is before the ball valve shutoff that necessitates shutting off the water from the outside in-ground shutoffs. It is recommended that the homeowner check their basement shutoff or contact the Board if they do not understand the issue. This could result in a major flooding of your basement if this continues to deteriorate. This would be an owner responsibility.

Please check your back porch and back slider lights and let the Board know if you need one of those. The Board will then decide how many to purchase at no cost to you. Purchased individually they are very expensive.

A recommendation to ban all bird feeders from Hadleigh Woods was voted down as being too drastic a measure after the sighting of yogi bear in our neighborhood. The Board recommends not putting bird feeders on your deck or within reach if you don't want raccoons, squirrels, bears and other animals on your deck. After all, we are in the woods of NH.

Persons interested in remaining on any Committee, please notify the Board.



Two permits are required to install a permanent generator: a building permit for the electrical and a permit from the Windham Fire Department for the gas line. The Board should receive copies of these permits from the owners. Also, it was brought to the Board’s attention the fact that the black pipes associated with the generators are oxidizing. The Board decided that these pipes should be covered and maintained with gray paint and that this should be added to the list of requirements for the permanent generators. A letter will be sent to owners informing them of the new requirement.


 Board Meeting

Summary of January 10, 2013 meeting:

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer stated that two CD’s in March and two CD’s in April are due to rollover. Tom will check with Service Credit Union to see if we can get a better rate. The next rollover dates are in July and August.

Minutes: At future Board meetings, we will reference addresses, rather than names, in the minutes to avoid the appearance of any personal issues.

Old Business

·        There are no delinquencies in the deck staining payments. All owners are up to date.

·        Storm drains sinking, two drains need repair, will review in spring.

·        Fifth Board Member – Assn. must vote on new member unless resignation/removal of current member.

·        Siding that was damaged during lawn maintenance has been repaired by B & C.

·        Window broken three years ago in ice storm still not repaired. If owner refuses to repair, Assn. must fix and bill owner before any further damage to Assn. property. Tom to check with prior President to see if any action was taken when issue was discovered.

·        Window leaking during a driving rain. Handyman tried to fix, but issue might be with second floor window. Will contact handyman to fix in spring.

·        Lamp Posts are scheduled to be replaced this year, as approved in Capital Reserve plan. Tom stated if there are no problems with the posts, why spend the money yet. After discussion, the issue was tabled until the walk-around inspection in the spring to determine how many problems exist on the posts.

·        Spots on new deck stain at a couple of locations. Will contact vendor in spring to repair.

·        Parking problem. Barrels and second car in way of plow, Tom spoke to resident.

New Business 

·        Discussion about splitting the well pipes for the irrigation system, but tabled until spring.

·        The bulbs for the rear lights are very expensive and may have been discontinued. Board is requesting owners test bulbs and we will buy in bulk, if available.

·        Siding on all units to be power washed in spring. Board will get estimate from vendors.

·        Rusted gas pipes in pump house. Dom has requested estimates from plumbers and will give to Board. Board determined that this was a high priority issue and should be repaired ASAP.

·        Problem with eight units on Flat Rock running out of propane gas. Eastern Propane was contacted and stated that there was a mix-up on tanks filled on that street. Tom spoke to Eastern and they assured him that the mix-up will never happen again because of a new computer system they recently installed at their office.

·        New laptop computer (HP brand) purchased for the Treasurer (as approved by Board). Thanks to Tom and Harry for researching computers to purchase. Request was made to purchase a repeater to boost signal for computer. Motion made by Tom, seconded by John to purchase and cap price at $100.00. Approved by Board. Price was estimated at $60.00

·        Issue about B & C charging an additional fee for salt on driveways was discussed. Tom authorized expense due to vehicle sliding out of driveway. B & C purchased enough salt for all driveways. Tom will instruct them to survey driveways before purchasing salt and to only buy enough salt to fix problem. Salt storage was the root of this issue.

·        Discussion about hiring a management company to conduct the Association business and assume various duties of the Board. Marian will chair a committee to research interested management companies and report back to the Board.


Unit owner suggested that we ban bird feeders due to two sightings of a bear in the neighborhood. The Board determined that this action was not practical at this time. It was recommended that owners keep bird feeders off of the decks and be aware of bear activity in the spring and fall months.

Unit owner suggested that owners not shovel snow off their driveways due to liability issues. Our Assn. insurance company stated that because we pay a contractor for that service, anyone that shovels snow is considered a “volunteer” and it is the Board’s stance that the services to clear away snow from driveways and entryways are already provided to residents.



    B & C Landscaping contract is renewable in 2014 and not in 2013.

    Association insurance contract is due in August 2013. Board will obtain estimates on contract renewal from various vendors. On a positive note, there have been no insurance claims in three years.


The Gazette

The Gazette is your community newsletter. We gladly welcome any suggestions that you might have. If you have an item of interest drop a note in the Board mail slot at the Cottage or send an email to Richard.


Management Search Committee

The following people are on the management Search Committee: Marian, John B., Roger and Richard. If you know of any company that we should consider or avoid, please contact one of the Committee members.


Team Maintenance Tip

The bulbs in your canister kitchen lights and your back door and back slider lights are a two prong bulb type that have been discontinued locally. They look the same but are different. Team Maintenance has purchased a case of the kitchen lights at a cost to you if needed.     



Breakfast Every Friday at 8:30 AM.   An informal breakfast, open to all residents and guests of Hadleigh Woods, is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside the Park Place Lanes.

Bowling Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The H-WOpen-To-All” bowling party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM at Park Place Lanes.  Afterward we generally go for a meal at The Kitchen

Rail Trail Every Sunday.  The Derry Rail Trail is complete from the Windham line to route 102 (Main Street) in downtown Derry. Going to the Windham Kitchen is always a treat after walking a few miles weather permitting.