Hadleigh Woods       Gazette

    Volume 66                                      website: hadleighwoods.com                                                         March, 2013


The month of March brings us the beginning of daylight savings, St. Patrick’s Day, springtime, Palm Sunday, a new Pope and this year Easter on the 31st. Our winter storms just don’t seem to want to go away. My golf clubs are eager to go, but I have nowhere to take them.



 Message from the President

A reminder that all trash put out in front of the unit is to be in the trash bins that were provided. No plastic bags should be put out that will draw animals or scavenger birds.

Remember to please send in your over '55' survey forms as soon as you receive them.


Board Meeting Summary (February 14, 2013)

CMP Plumbing of Londonderry repaired the rusting gas pipe in the Pump House for a total of $600.00. We will paint the pipe ourselves to save money. CMP Plumbing was added to our website as an approved vendor, taking the place of Ideal Plumbing, after some residents complained of problems with Ideal.

It was determined that we did not need to purchase a repeater for the Treasurer’s computer. Lucille can tap off of Tom’s router for an acceptable signal.

Complaints were received about the aesthetics of a generator installation at 36 Hadleigh.  After Tom consulted with the Building Inspector, Cote Electric fixed the problem. A letter was sent To Mr. Cote to thank him for the rework at no extra cost.

Ice issue on window sill at 30 Hadleigh will be repaired when the weather improves.

Light bulbs in the rear fixtures were determined to be cost prohibitive to replace. Tom suggested if light burns out, replace the entire fixture. The fixtures are reasonably priced, are readily available and require a standard bulb.

A light fixture that had snapped off at 11 Flat Rock was repaired. 

The issue of replacing the lamp posts was discussed. It was decided to table lamp post issue until the annual walk-around inspection. We can determine how many posts are not level and if any are damaged and need replacement.

The condo insurance policy is due for renewal in August, 2013. Tom arranged to have Eric from Hub Insurance (current vendor) attend our next meeting and explain the parameters and cost of a new policy.

Tom suggested that we open a new account at Harvey Industries in Salem to purchase a box of siding (2 squares in a box) at a price of $160.00. Harvey requires that an account (no cost) must be set up to conduct business. The siding will match the current siding on our units and will be stored in the cottage.

The Board was polled (after the blizzard) and agreed to pay an extra cost to have B&C push snow back from each driveway in anticipation of future storms. The extra space would allow the driveways to remain wide enough for resident’s vehicles. After discussion, all agreed to include a clause that would remedy this problem in future vendor contracts.

Tom suggested that we shut off sprinklers in the rear of units (problem with puddles, etc) by installing a plug in the rear sprinkler heads. We have a supply of plugs. A list of heads that need to be plugged will be determined on the annual walk-around inspection. We will monitor any heads that are shut off for any lawn damage. Most of the rear lawns do not need as much water as front and side lawns and are not damaged by sunlight.

 (For a copy of the minutes of any Board meeting, please send the request to the Board)



On February 8, 2013, Department of Environmental Services (DES) notified the Association that the required testing for Lead and Copper were not performed as required per the Master Sampling Schedule.   As a result, Hampstead Area Water Co., Inc. violated the drinking water monitoring requirements.  There were ten (10) water samples required by the State but only eight (8) were taken.  This is non-compliance to the required monitoring and a failure to complete all required testing for Lead and Copper. Since then, the required make up samples were submitted to DES.  These two (2) samples were tested and accepted.  The requirement is now satisfied.

As a result of the non-compliance, DES required that a Public Notification be submitted to each consumer of the Association’s water system. The Notice was sent the week of 11 March, 2013.  If for some reason, a unit owner did not receive this mailing please contact me and I will supply them a copy.  DES also requires that Hampstead Water supply them with a Proof of Public Notification that all required consumers were notified. This was completed.

All costs incurred with resolving this non-conformance was paid by Hampstead Water and NOT by the Association. In the future Hampstead Water will verify the required sampling schedule in duplicate to ensure that there are no further clerical errors.

Finally, these DES violations with its requirements were all satisfied and DES considers this closed.

Thank you all for your understanding,




Thank you to Tom, Roger & Richard for braving the blizzard and cleaning the furnace and water heater vents on the side of the buildings.


 Volunteers Needed 

 I would like to volunteer but I don’t know what is available? Good question. Here is what is available as listed on our website:

bullet Board of Directors – Give them a hand in some of the chores that need to be done. bullet Budget and Finance Committee – Help the BOD in the short and long term financial goals of the Association. bullet Gazette Committee – Our newsletter on information related to our community association. bullet Landscape Committee – Helping to make our surroundings attractive for us and visitors  bullet Ombudsman Committee – Provides information to unit owners related to matters concerning recreational, educational, social, medical and other opportunities in the Windham area. bullet Hadleigh Woods Website – All inclusive information related to our association, documents, activities, local information, helpful hints, etc., and many photos.    bullet Water System Committee – Oversee and help assist with the maintenance of our water system.

Volunteering is more than just saving a few bucks. It is about giving back and showing pride in our community. It is also a way to establish and maintain a close neighborhood. The intangible benefits alone – such as pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment – are worthwhile reasons to serve. In addition, when we share our time and talents, we solve problems, strengthen community, improve lives, connect to others and transform our own lives.


Landscape Committee

The first meeting of the Landscape Committee for 2013 will be held on April 1st.  The meeting will be at 10am at 23 Hadleigh for those that are interested in joining.  



Management Search Committee

The new Board requested volunteers to help with the gathering of information regarding management companies.  The Committee consists of Marian Spahn, Richard Michaud, Roger Labrecque, and John Boudreau.  We have met a few times and have received proposals, interviewed, checked references and will be analyzing all the information in the near future.  Our mission is to narrow down the applicants and give our recommendations to the Board.

The Board will then decide which companies they would like to invite to an all association meeting in order that all residents have a complete understanding of what a management company does and how much it will cost.

If anyone has any questions regarding the process or what the Committee has so far accomplished, please contact one of the Committee members.



Team Maintenance Tips

When removing the covers from your air conditioning unit, look inside for signs of nests and snakes before you through the ON switch. It could get messy. 

Septic system: We do not recommend using Drano etc. It is not good for the septic system. Absolutely no fats (in either solid or liquid form) or oils should enter the system. Solid food should be placed in the trash and not washed down the drain. Liquid fats or oils can be sopped up with a paper towel and tossed in the trash. Never use commercial septic system products such as Rid-X.

While there are several commercial drain cleaners available at your grocery store, you can unclog your slow drain affordably and naturally by combining ingredients you already have in the home. 

Baking Soda and Vinegar:

·        Pour 1 cup of baking soda into the drain, which cleans and removes odor.

·        Pour 1 cup of vinegar over the baking soda.

·        Cover the drain quickly. A foaming action will occur when the two ingredients combine, which will expand and work its way down the drain, breaking up the clogged substance and cleaning the walls of the pipes.

·        Allow the solution to work for 1 hour, and rinse the drain with a pot of boiling water.



Breakfast Every Friday at 8:30 AM.   An informal breakfast, open to all residents and guests of Hadleigh Woods, is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside the Park Place Lanes.

Bowling Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The H-WOpen-To-All” bowling party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM at Park Place Lanes.  Afterward we generally go for a meal at The Kitchen

Rail Trail Every Sunday.  The Derry Rail Trail is complete from the Windham line to route 102 (Main Street) in downtown Derry. Going to the Windham Kitchen is always a treat after walking a few miles weather permitting. We are waiting for Mother Nature to remove her grip on the conditions of the Trail to that we can resume our walking soon.