Hadleigh Woods Gazette

Volume 63                                      website: hadleighwoods.com                              October 2012

Hadleigh Woods Annual meeting

Thursday, November 8th

7:00 PM at the Windham Middle School



 Important Association News

Message from the President

Fall has come and gone and as I write this, we are waiting for “Sandy”.  Hopefully it won’t bring too much damage to the area.  The leaves are gone and those who like the cooler weather are looking forward to it.  Those who don’t are either in the sunny south or planning their trips.

The new well is up and running and Hampstead did a great job.  The system was flushed and hopefully this helped with the manganese that some of you were experiencing.  This is not from the new system, but what is still remaining in the pipes.  Hampstead told us that more manganese may show up as the chlorine passes through the system and loosens it.  Therefore they suggest we flush the system again in the spring.  

It has been observed that some unit owners and/or guests who have dogs are not cleaning up after their pets.  Please remember that we all use the common property and sometimes we have grandchildren playing.  It is for the benefit of all to keep the areas clean.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

The Board would like to remind everyone that our annual meeting will be held at the Middle School on Thursday, November 8 at 7 pm and we would like to see as many unit owners as possible attending.  Please contact a Board member if you would like to put you name on the ballot for the next two-year term.  Three Board members will be leaving and the Association will need replacements.  FYI, you run for the Board—not for a specific position.  The new Board decides who the officers are at their first meeting.


Board Meeting

 July 13, 2012


Treasurer’s Report

Two CD’s are maturing, One on July 26th and the other one on August 6th. There is $90,498.42 in the Citizens Money Market Fund. After paying for the well project from this account the treasurer will see if she can put some of what is left into a CD later this year.


Andrea wrote a letter to the Board requesting to have the Subsurface Account Fund pay for the two overflow tanks to be cleaned. Rooter Man came and looked into the tanks with a camera and determined that 21 & 23 (Andrea’s unit) Hadleigh Rd are also connected to these tanks.  The Board reviewed Article V of the Hadleigh Woods Condo documents as well at the New Hampshire State rules pertaining to condos and determined that the two overflow tanks come under Subsurface limited common areas and apply to those who use them.

The Board voted to continue to follow Article V Maintenance and Repair of the Declaration of Condominium for Hadleigh Woods Adult Community which states that each unit owner is responsible for repair, replacement, and maintenance of limited common areas, including subsurface disposal facilities. The reason this was passed was to prevent any future issues that violate Article V of our condominium documents.

Committee Reports

Landscaping Committee

Andrea informed the board that she received three bids for the tree work, and that after Board review, decided to go with Jeff Thomas of Mayer Tree Service, who was recommended by Lake Street Garden Center.

Water Committee

Roger reported on the Well Project. We had a very successful Water Project Meeting with condo owners on June 18th at the town library. The presentation was well received.

On Monday, July 9th Charlie Lanza from Lewis Builders proposed an alternate route for the feed lines from well #3 to the pump house. The proposal consisted of laying the pipes in the woods in back of the units. After much review and discussions, it was determined that this would not be a viable option. A second proposal was submitted for the driveways. In lieu of a pavement cut, he will use directional drilling where possible to go under the driveways. This was reviewed and discussed and was found to be acceptable. This will be reflected in contract changes.

Old Business

Walk Around

Jim was not present to report on the status of repairs.

Marian reported that Tom’s stairs had been approved by a previous Board in January 2006.

At the Water Project Meeting on June 14, 2012 it was agreed to use $80,000 from the Capital Reserve to fund the Water Project as detailed in attachment #1. This money will be repaid via an assessment to the Association’s dues structure of $25 per month for each unit owner for a period of 4.3 years starting with the July 2012 dues payment and terminating upon completion of the time period specified.

New Business

Marian reported that the HUB Insurance for the Board of Directors and Officers will be due in 1 month and will be paid.

Roger brought the owner of 11 Hadleigh Rd concerns about his deck chipping and cracking to the Board’s attention. Roger said that he has looked at about a dozen decks and they all have the same problems. This is a unit owner’s expense. Roger suggested and the Board agreed to have Jim get two companies to come in and look at this problem, including the company that applied the stain.

Another walk around will take place on Friday, July 30th at 10:30A.M.

The next Board meeting will take place on Friday, August 10th at 12:30P.M.


 Team Maintenance

Inspection time 2012

We have a fresh supply of furnace filters and humidifier pads. The filters are $26 and humidifier pads are $21 which you can install yourself.

Team Maintenance will install both the filter and the humidifier pad for $61 along with cleaning the “cone filter” and checking the humidifier for proper operation.

Team Maintenance will change the filter, the humidifier pad, all smoke and heat detector batteries, thermostat batteries, clean the inside of all toilet tanks, clean the bathroom exhaust fans, drain sediment from the water heater, clean the dryer vent from the outside, check for water leaks, pull out the refrigerator and clean the coils under and behind it, check for loose hardware and any other small items that you may have.

ALL FOR $170 including filter, pad, batteries etc.!

Flushing Rinnai on-demand water heaters is an additional $35 (if you have one)

Replacing bad window seals are an additional $5 each

Change any faucet washers additional $5 each

You can “Get on the list” for any one of these items by emailing: Teammaintenance1@gmail.com


 Cottage Library

 We have more than 1,000 books in our library. Shelf space is now scarce and will be used exclusively for novels. Please no cookbooks, decorating books, self-help, readers digest, etc. Only books in good condition, please.


 Election Time-Line for 2012 – Tuesday November 6th is General Election Day for State and Presidential General. Voting is from 7 am - 8 pm at the Windham High School. Unregistered voters may register and vote on this day. The Town Clerk’s Office will be closed that day.



Breakfast Every Friday at 8:30 AM.   An informal breakfast, open to all residents and guests of Hadleigh Woods, is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside the Park Place Lanes.

Bowling Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The H-WOpen-To-All” bowling party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM at Park Place Lanes.  Afterward we generally go for a meal at The Kitchen

Rail Trail Every Sunday.  The Derry Rail Trail is complete from the Windham line to route 102 (Main Street) in downtown Derry. Going to the Windham Kitchen is always a treat after walking a few miles.