Hadleigh Woods Gazette

Volume 69                                      website: hadleighwoods.com                          September, 2013

Well, we are approaching the end of summer 2013. Though 9/21 is the official last day of the season, Labor Day, it seems, has always been the closing bell of vacation time. We've had our share of the hot and muggies, so Fall with its cooler temperatures will be perfect for apple picking and leaf peeping.

There's something special to enjoy about every season in New England. There are traditions and expectations that define each quarter and even little surprises thrown in to dispel boredom.

There is one constant you can always depend on...CHANGE. And CHANGE has certainly been an accurate description of life at Hadleigh Woods this year. With 62 units, in an over 55 community, it's understandable that they'd be CHANGE.

There's been a whole lot of movin' going on!!!

34 Hadleigh     Helen relocated to Brooksby Village in Peabody. And Cheryl and Cliff moved in from No. Salem.

52 Hadleigh     Miriam sold her unit to Nancy, who hails from Tyngsboro.

16 Hadleigh     Lenny (an esteemed past president) and Arlene will be in the Villages, year round so Al and Karen from Malden will be  new neighbors.

19 Hadleigh     Sandy and Jim are heading to the Villages full time, too, and have tenants moving in soon.

23 Flat Rock    Jeannine (well-known to us already) has joined family and friends as a HW resident. (Great open-house, Jeannine).

32 Hadleigh     Gerald has new tenants, Colette and Michael who hail from the south in Rhode Island.

31 Hadleigh     Gertrude will be the new homeowner and has been a long-time Windham resident. Joe and I will be spending most of our time in Ocala.

It's the warmth and friendliness of the residents of Hadleigh Woods that make it such a lovely place to live. We know that that friendship will be extended to all the new neighbors.

We wish you all much happiness, good health, and smooth sailing through all the changing seasons ahead.




 Message from the President

Reminder: Anything that is done in a condo environment that changes the appearance in the common area must be presented to the BOD in letter form for approval. Read your condo doc's. They can be found on the web at hadleighwoods.com at reference guide.

I have been hearing reports of black specs in the water (Manganese) from a number of locations in the community. After contacting Hampstead water and results from the 10 location water samplings done last month, it was determined that the newly installed green sand filter was not doing its job of collecting all of the manganese. Hampstead water has increased the backwash cycle from every 6 days to 4 days. This should solve the problem. 

The Hadleigh Wood's Condo document under Windham Condo laws says that both residents have to be 55 and over. The President has to verify the driver’s license before occupation.


Declaration of Condominium for Hadleigh Woods Adult Community Condominium

2.7-10. Elderly Housing Covenants.

2.A. To this end, Units shall only be sold to Buyers (and their spouses) who execute an Affidavit that (1) the Unit is to be such Buyers’ immediate permanent residence; and (2) such Buyers are not acquiring the Unit for purposes of or with the intent to resell or lease such Unit to persons under the age of fifty-five (55); and (3) both of the resident Buyers is or will be at the time of the closing, in excess of fifty-five (55) years of age; the only exception to the age restriction included herein is that included in 24 CFR Part 100.305 (e)(3) which allows persons under 55 years of age “...who are necessary to provide a reasonable accommodation to disabled residents....”





Information related to our Master Policy deductible has been added to the holder above the Board mail box inside the Cottage. Please take a look at the highlighted wording on the attachment, similar wording should be adopted to make sure any losses falling below the master policy deductible are the responsibility of the affected unit owner. This will prevent the association from incurring large deductible costs from ice dam claims involving multiple units (subject to a per unit deductible of $5,000).



 Summary of Board of Directors’ Meeting on July 11, 2013

 Windham Fire Department and Hampstead Water flushed out the storage tank at the Pump House. Hampstead suggested changing the backwash schedule to flush more often as a way to eliminate the Manganese specs that are evident in the water. The green sand filter is designed to capture 100% of manganese, where as the backwash can be increased. Remember there is still manganese in the pipes that can break off from time to time.  A suggestion to minimize the specs will be published in a future Gazette issue.

The Board will solicit prices for re-seal or re-pave driveway at 3-5 Hadleigh.

Shutters for 54 Hadleigh are peeling and will be replaced.

E-mail to all units who are scheduled to be power washed. Two sides will be done on most buildings, 30 sides total at a price of $1500.00. Work will be done late July, or early August. Vendor is suggesting that owners remove screens to prevent streaks.

Condition at 28 Hadleigh was corrected.

Contract signed and sent to DBU Construction to repair sinking street drain. Work will be completed before fall season. DBU will also give us a quote to re-pave driveway at 3-5 Hadleigh.

Received an e-mail requesting a solution to the windows falling off of the track. Window supplier said that due to the settling of the buildings, the sides of the frames warp/stretch and the pins holding the window do not extend into the frame as designed. A solution would be to inquire about purchasing longer pins. Take the old pins to a window supplier (preferably on a clear day, no rain) and you should be able to purchase a longer pin.

Board discussed the meeting of June 20th. Both management companies presented a brief version of their services to be provided if they were to be hired by our Association. After the meeting, there seemed to be a renewed interest in obtaining Board members for next year. Once the Nomination Committee is established and if they have enough candidates for the 2014 BOD, then the management company decision will be placed on hold, if not, the Board may be forced to vote for one of the two companies.

A discussion about updating the landscape specs was held, but more information is needed.

The Landscape Committee is requesting that owners not trim the Association-owned shrubs/bushes. The landscapers are paid to trim these items. Owners should continue to maintain the plants/shrubs that they have planted. If advice is needed, contact the Committee.

A reminder, if selling or leasing your unit, ask the potential buyer/renter if they are willing to maintain additional plantings, if not, then they must be removed by current owner.

Hampstead Water suggests the best way to remove the black Manganese specs from your water is to flush tubs and outside spigots (any faucet without an aerator) and clean faucets with aerators more often, as they will be back-flushing the storage tank more frequently.


For Your Information


There are several, fairly new, health care providers in the area. For your reference, please keep this information handy because it may be useful in the future. Also, it may help new residents to find local primary care.


Castle Commons, 49 Range Rd., Windham, NH

Listed below are the many services that are available at this location.


South NH Internal Medicine Assoc. 603-216-0400

Derry Medical Center 603-537-1300

Both of these practices are accepting new patients for primary care.

Specialists – This is a practice that provides care within several specialties. You doctor can make an apt. at this convenient location. They have neurologists and endocrinologists at this time and are expanding their services.

Derry Imaging – (603-537-1363) Very short waits here to obtain X-rays, digital mammograms, ultrasounds and bone density screening. With a referral from your doctor, you can get these tests performed locally and expediently.

Lab Corp – (603-681-9194) Just up the street you can get your blood work done. This is a one-stop location that can help with many of your needs and orders can come from doctors that you may have elsewhere. They take Medicare and most insurances.

Elliot Family Medicine at Windham – (603-894-0063) Located at 5 Industrial Drive off of Roulston Road. There are two doctors there currently taking new patients. They too, take Medicare and most other insurances. Tuesday is Senior Health Day at this facility.

Convenient MD – (603-890-6330) Clearly visible on route 111. Open 9am to 9pm 7 days a week. Info card included. Walk-in care facility with doctors skilled in family and/or emergency medicine. Very convenient for non-life-threatening care. Lab and X-ray are on the premises. Can care for fractures, lacerations, flu, etc. with short wait time, usually. They take Medicare and most insurances with lower co-pays than emergency rooms.


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Flu Shots

Recently I was approached by Rite Aid Pharmacy to see if Hadleigh Woods residents would like them to come and administer flu shots. If we have 30 people, friends and family members can be included, they will come. Medicare and most insurances will pay.

Date and location (on the premises) are yet to be decided. Please call me ASAP so we can book this service. It will be fast and convenient. We may collect insurance info prior for expediency. Please call. Leave a message or a note at my door.





Landscape Committee

Remember that if you have plantings that you placed around in front, around lamp post or installed side garden, you are responsible for the weeding.


 Notary Services


The town of Windham and the Community Development Department provide free Notary Service to Windham residents. Located to the right of Town Hall, the Community Development Department is open Monday thru Friday from 8 – 4 pm. You'll need a current photo ID and be prepared to sign your document at the same time.



 Fall Yard Sale

Saturday & Sunday

September 28th & 29th

from 9am – 3pm

  Again, we are asking for a $5.00 donation for advertising, etc. This may be increased depending on the number of people participating. Please give your donation to Gerda or Betty.



Breakfast on Friday at 8:30 AM.   An informal breakfast, open to all residents and guests of Hadleigh Woods, is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside Park Place Lanes.

Bowling on Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The H-WOpen-To-All” bowling party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM at Park Place Lanes. After our fun bowling exercise, we go out for a meal

Rail Trail on Sunday.  The Windham Rail Trail is a former railroad right-of-way that has been converted to a beautiful scenic walkway for running, walking, biking and   horseback riding. It leads thru a forest of trees with ponds and granite walled areas along the path. A number of people go to breakfast after walking and some skip the walk altogether and simply join others at breakfast.


 Interesting Facts

 Between a 42” LCD TV, an Energy Star refrigerator and a cable box...the one that uses the most electricity – is the cable box!  In the US we pay about 3 billion dollars a year for electricity to run our cable boxes.

The number one state where people drink the most beer is North Dakota with 45.8 gallons per person in 2012. Next is New Hampshire where beer lovers drink 43.9 gallons per person. Vermont is number 7 and Maine is number 10.