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Program "A" Sprinklers

Zone # 1 located at 23 Flat Rock Road runs on Sunday & Thursday...

Zone #1 covers all of Flat Rock Road

Zone # 2 located at 10 Hadleigh Road runs on Monday & Friday...

Zone #2 includes from #2 to #24 Hadleigh Road

Zone # 3 located at 19b Hadleigh Road runs on Sunday & Thursday...

Zone #3 includes from #3 to #19 Hadleigh Road

Zone # 4 located at 30 Hadleigh Road runs on Tuesday & Saturday...

Zone #4 includes from #26 to #34 Hadleigh Road and all of Blackburn Road

Zone # 5 located at 36 Hadleigh Road runs on Monday & Friday...

Zone #5 includes from #36 to #56 Hadleigh Road

Zone # 6 located at 25 Hadleigh Road runs on Tuesday & Saturday... 

Zone #6 includes from #21 to #56 Hadleigh Road


2 zones run every day except Wednesday (Landscaping day).

 All other programs are off.


Sprinkler head with shutoff at Stateline is: Item# RPS75I   K-Rain 4 rotor with flow s/o $12.49 each


Sprinkler System information

The sprinkler system taps off the main 6" cast iron water supply in 3 locations. One is on the corner of Hadleigh Road and Blackburn Road. One is between the pump house and 19 Hadleigh Road. One is on Flat Rock Road half way between Hadleigh Road and 27 Flat Rock Road.

At each of these 3 locations there is a "ball valve" located under a green fiberglass cover. These "ball valves" shut the water off to the station valves located behind several houses.

Station valves are also located under green fiberglass covered boxes. These station valves are controlled by a "Hunter Box" or "controller" attached to the following addresses: 23 Flat Rock Road, 10 Hadleigh Road, 19b Hadleigh Road, 25 Hadleigh Road, 36 Hadleigh Road and 25 Hadleigh Road. These controllers are programmed to turn the stations on and off at specified times. Each station has from 3 to 9 sprinkler heads attached.

There is a battery operated moisture sensing transmitter that is attached to the eaves of the house that the controller is attached to, and sends signals to the controller. This sensor will disable the sprinklers during and shortly after a rain storm.

All sprinkler plumbing is buried only a few inches below the surface of the lawn and would freeze in the winter if not drained.

Between the main water supply and the "ball valve" there is a shut off valve deep below the frost line, which shuts off the water going to these "ball valves" so the sprinkler system can be drained for the winter.





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