Hadleigh Woods Gazette

Volume 70                                      website: hadleighwoods.com                             October, 2013


During Harry croped.jpgthe most colorful time of the year here in New England, we lost our most colorful person in our own community. If I were to describe Harry in one word it would be Outrageous. Whether it was something he would wear or something he might say; it was a good chance that it would be Outrageous. He was Outrageously funny, detailed, sincere, and most of all Outrageously generous. In one phone call your problem became his number one priority. He would fix the problem or find someone who would do quality work at the lowest cost possible.  It was through his efforts that Team Maintenance was as successful as it was.  This Team generously gave back to the community in numerous ways.  The Team supported the building of the Cottage with thousands of dollars and many volunteer hours.  The Verdoni Dwarf Hinoki Cypress recently planted and donated by Team Maintenance reflects the Outrageousness that was so him.  Harry was our Ombudsman and responsible for our Summer Cookouts, Halloween and St. Patrick’s Parties. We owe him thanks for Friday breakfasts at the Alley Kat, Wednesday bowling, and Sunday Rail Trail with breakfast. Parker’s Maple Barn, Sleigh Ride, Japanese Steak Houses are more of his endeavors.  He was also our unofficial ambassador with the Town of Windham. The Recreation Department and the Senior Center knew and respected us at Hadleigh Woods because of Harry. He repaired the organ and the Bingo machine at the Senior Center. He was a man of many talents. He was skilled at woodworking, plumbing, electrical and computers. Maybe his best talent was endearing himself to so many people.

There will never be another Harry – He will be dearly missed.




Message from the President

Our Annual Association Meeting will be at 7:00 PM on Tuesday November 19th at the Windham Middle School.



Summary of Board of Directors’ Meetings

August 8, 2013

Erik Hamilton of Hub Insurance presented an update on the status of our Association insurance policy, due to expire on August 11, 2013. Erik stated that CAU (our current insurance provider) no longer offers a multi-year- contract, we will have to re-new on an annual basis with them. The main reason is the number of ice dam losses for all insurance companies and overall shoddy construction in this region. If we stay with CAU Insurance, there will be a slight rise in premiums (approximately $700.00) to bring the total up to $24,515, which is a 3.78% increase. The Board voted to remain with CAU Insurance and sign a new agreement for one year. Erik stated that if there is a catastrophe, the policy states there is a $5,000 property deductible (except earthquake which is 5% deductible) and unit owners are responsible to share this deductible. This should be outlined in the Condo docs.

A letter was sent to unit owners leasing or selling, that if, the new owner/renter doesn’t want the responsibility of maintaining any added shrubs/plants, the owner must remove them prior to vacating the unit.

Power washing of all units was complete at a cost of $2575.

Storm drain repairs are due to start during the 2nd or 3rd week of August.

Subsurface Account will be reviewed to determine if any shortages, or if any adjustments are needed in the monthly deductions.

Benches were installed around the neighborhood by Team Maintenance.

Pre-purchase plan for propane for the Pump House generator, John will inquire about the rates.

The Budget is scheduled to be reviewed and established for 2014, Board will meet soon on this issue.

Gutter at 6 Hadleigh is almost complete (damage the tree company was supposed to correct), Paul Powers will fix a hole in gutter.  $300.00 was deducted from total bill in 2012 for this issue.

Manganese issue – we still see black specs in water. The contract for the Pump House (Hampstead Water) was renewed for one year.

September 19, 2013

Letter from resident requesting Board have all sides of every unit washed. Board determined to accept results from the walk around inspection (plus a number of extra units) which stated that only two sides on most units needed to be washed this year. In order to save money on this issue (price had doubled since last year) the Board decided not to allow the vendor to wash all sides, just the ones that had mold/dirt issues. The original estimate was 29 sides, but after further inspection, 50 sides were washed.  The Board also decided to perform the annual inspection later in the spring.

Letter requesting more frequent irrigation.  Tabled until next spring.

Insurance contract approved and signed with Hub Insurance.

Copies of the condo insurance policy is in a folder inside the cottage.

Two identical estimates for cleaning out gutters were received, Board voted to stay with last year’s vendor, Wetmore, at $1240.00. Reminder: owners are responsible to pay for rear gutter cleaning (if gutters were installed in rear)

Eastern Propane has established a pre-buy price, but Jim is in contact with Eastern and has some pricing history discrepancies, therefore the price may be negotiated down.

Total bill for storm drain and driveway repair has exceeded the initial estimate due to misunderstanding. Tom has renegotiated price from $5400 to $4800. Thickness of the asphalt (3” as opposed to 6”actual) and minimum yards of concrete, caused the bill to increase.

Handyman (Heffernan) completed replacement and painting of the 19 rotted trim boards.

Nashua Sealcoat gave an estimate for all unit driveways (scheduled for next spring). More quotes to follow. Estimate was for $10,000.00, up from $6,000.00 two years ago. The estimate from Nashua included the parking areas, which were not done last time.

Soil washing away at 54 Hadleigh. Tom purchased 4 tons of loam ($213) and volunteers spread the loam at #54 and various locations in the neighborhood, which saved the Association a lot of money. Thanks to those volunteers!

B&C Landscaping paid to replace a damaged tree that they owed us at Hadleigh & Blackburn and they replaced it with a better quality tree.

A porcupine chewed the bark on a tree on Flat Rock. Andrea checked with an arborist and he told her to leave the tree alone, it would heal on its own.

Gas/oil stain on the new driveway at 3 Hadleigh. Board will look into it.

B&C Landscaping wants to re-seed the lawns at a cost of $2675. Andrea states it is too late in the season to re-seed, Board agrees.

Andrea states that there are weeds growing in the stone areas immediately around generators. Board agreed to change the generator and landscaping rules to incorporate new requirements for owners to eliminate any weed growth within their generator pads. Weed block fabric required to be placed under rocks by vendor, upon initial installation, and owner is responsible to eliminate weeds thereafter.


Landscape Committee

Hope you have all had the opportunity to see our new tree on upper Hadleigh Road.  Bill Glen, owner of B & C, let us pick out a Japanese Maple named "Fireglow" as a replacement for the Bradford Pear tree his crew plowed down two and a half years ago. Bill generously agreed to pay extra for the Japanese Maple verses the cost of replacing it with a Cleveland Pear.

The Board of Directors approved the following changes to the Landscaping & Decorating Rules at the October 10th meeting.

1.     Owner's removal, replacement or additions, trimming and pruning of shrubs is strictly done through prior permission of the Board. 

2.     A garden flag is defined as one that has a black metal rod frame that holds seasonal flags approximately 11" x 18" in size. No national flags except, the American flag is allowed.

3.     Decorative items shall be limited in number to five items. These items include planters, statues, garden flags, etc.

4.     No solar lights are allowed.

5.     No hanging potted plants from the lamp post are allowed.

6.     Sale or Lease of Unit:  If Unit is sold or leased the perspective buyers must be notified of the rules regarding the responsibility of weeding all gardens that have additional plantings to your Front, Lamp Post or Side Gardens before the sale is finalized. If the perspective buyers do not wish to weed these gardens, it is the responsibility of the Seller to remove all plantings and restore the Side Garden back to lawn before the sale is completed.

7.     Holiday Decorations:  Christmas decorations shall not be displayed prior to Thanksgiving, nor later than January 15th.

8.     Generators: Keeping the crushed stone area around the generator free of grass and weeds is the responsibility of the owner.  



Thank You

Thank you to Phil for converting the site plans to PDF format for inclusion onto the web. To see these plans go to www.hadleighwoods.com select Reference Guide then Septic Systems. There you will find the links to these plans by street and address.

Thank you to: Rich H., John K., Tom T., George and Richard for adding loam and seeding throughout the property.

Many thanks to Tom & Diann for the work that they do maintaining our lamp posts. They are looking good!

Thank you to Claire for the great job that she does as our Ombudsman (or should it be Ombudsperson?).


Team Maintenance

Water heaters: Replacing your anode rod at regular intervals may increase the life of your water heater, saving you money, time and the inconvenience of having to replace your water heater. One of the most important considerations in having a normal life span for your water heater is whether the anode rod is performing its job - to divert corrosive action away from the tank walls to the anode rod. This is why they are known as sacrificial anode rods. Your water heater manual recommends inspecting rod annually.

Smoke/Heat Alarms: Vacuum dust from alarms at least once a year. Test alarms monthly by pushing the test button. Replace alkaline batteries at least once a year and anytime the alarm “chirps,” warning that the battery is low. Some alarms will wear out over time. Ten years is the recommended replacement time. The date code can be found on the back of the alarm.


Help Wanted

The Gazette is our/your community newsletter. With Dolly moving we are left with a void that needs filling. What we need is your input into the newsletter that you feel is relevant or of interest to those of us living at Hadleigh Woods.   





Breakfast on Friday at 8:30 AM.   An informal breakfast, open to all residents and guests of Hadleigh Woods, is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside Park Place Lanes.

Bowling on Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The H-WOpen-To-All” bowling party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM at Park Place Lanes. After our fun bowling exercise, we go out for a meal

Rail Trail on Sunday.  The Windham Rail Trail is a former railroad right-of-way that has been converted to a beautiful scenic walkway for running, walking, biking and   horseback riding. It leads thru a forest of trees with ponds and granite walled areas along the path. A number of people go to breakfast after walking and some skip the walk altogether and simply join others at breakfast.