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Hadleigh Woods Association and Individual Unit Responsibilities

 We, collectively, are the association of Hadleigh Woods. We all own and share in the common area. It is in our best interest to follow the laws that govern adult condominiums as well as our own rules and regulations. We all want to be proud of what we have here and must work together to build and maintain the most beautiful development in the area.

Some Definitions

Individual Unit Responsibilities The Interior walls from the inside of the framing studs, all structural contents, inside plumbing, heat and air conditioning systems, doors, windows, cabinetry, flooring, insulation, wiring etc. Unit owners are also responsible for maintaining the rear decks with sealant/stain consistent with Association guidelines. Decks are considered limited common area.  It is noteworthy that No Structural Changes are to be made in any Unit.

Common Area         (Responsibility of the Association) – From the Framing studs out and including the siding and roof  plus all grounds ( all lawns, wooded areas, mulched areas, septic systems and driveways). The surface of Hadleigh and BlackBurn Roads are also in the common area. Flat Rock Road surface is town property. No alterations or additions to any common areas are allowed without  approval of the Board of Directors.

Hadleigh Woods Association and Individual Unit Responsibilities

Below is a list of items that indicate who is responsible for its maintenance, repair & replacement. The list is based on the following documents: Hadleigh Woods Declaration and By Laws and New Hampshire Condominium Law 356-B.



Unit Owner


AC outside unit   X  
Bulkheads X    
Cottage X    
Door bell buttons X    
Driveways X    
Flowers planted around lamp posts   X  
Flowers planted in front of unit   X  
Front & rear doors   X  
Front steps and Railing X    
Furnace vents   X  
Garage doors   X  
Gazebo X    
Gutters (front) X    
Gutters (rear)   X  
Lamp posts & lights X   Including light bulbs
Landscaping X   Except noted flower beds
Lawns/grass X    
Mail box  & post X    
Overflow parking areas X    
Outside water spigots X   Installation is unit owner's responsibility
Porch lights X   Including bulbs
Propane tanks & meters n/a n/a Property of Eastern Propane
Pump house X    
Roads X    
Roof heat cables   X  
Roof shingles X    
Side gardens   X  
Snow removal X    
Sprinkler systems X    
Storm doors   X  
Subsurface system (Septic tanks, leaching fields, etc.) X   Per Amended change on 5/11/2018
Wells X    
Windows   X  
Wood decks     Performed/Supervised by Board of Directors


Note: If there is a discrepancy in the list, the Hadleigh Woods Declaration and By Laws and New Hampshire Condominium  Law 356-B will prevail. 


Some of the most common rules and regulations


No satellite dishes on Roofs (can be mounted on poles out of sight of the main roads)

Dogs must be on leashes (Please pickup the dog mess)

No driveway sealants may be applied by owners.

No ornamental lawn pieces in common areas.

No boats, trailers, commercial vehicles, snow mobiles, etc are allowed in the common areas.

No clotheslines, antennas, signs, flag poles or refuse are allowed in common areas.

Planting in mulched areas must conform to Association guidelines.

Above rules are condensed from the New Hampshire RSA 356-B:16.l (h) that we all received with our packets


Changes made by the Board Of Directors

Side Gardens and lamp pole gardens are allowed. To be the responsibility of the unit owner.

Storm doors on back entrances and walkouts can be any white good quality doors

Patio’s are allowed 10 x 12 made of patio block, brick, or cement in earthen tone colors (Permission in writing to the Board)

Flags (3x5 on a wooden pole) are allowed any time from dawn till dusk.  See  for guidance.



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