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Water System ID# 2542160

System Overview

The Hadleigh Woods Community Water System (HWCWS) is a condominium owned water system and consists of 62 active adult (2) bedroom units. The water facilities consist of three bedrock wells, a suitable sized pump house and a 25,000 gallon atmospheric storage tank, (2) 7.5 hp VTD booster pumps (we keep a spare pump in the pump house) that maintain water pressure from 50 to 80 psi, automatic controls, and consists primarily of 4" PVC  water mains and HDPE service lines to each residence. The system operates on a demand basis. A pressure transducer controls well pump operation and pressure controls control booster pump operation these booster pumps alternate unless there is a great demand in which both pumps will run. The pump house is constructed with an at-grade entrance and contains the control and pumping equipment, atmospheric storage, as well as water treatment equipment including a cationic exchange media (water softener) as treatment for iron and low level manganese (staining agents) in the well water. The water storage tank holds water for domestic as well as fire protection purposes. An approved Fire Department connection is provided outside the station as a dry hydrant. There is a standby generator set, VFD control panel and an outside warning light with no horn active.

Two bedrock wells were installed in 2002. Well #1 is a 6" diameter bedrock well and is  145' deep. Well #2 is also a 6" diameter bedrock well and is 125' deep. Both wells are equipped with a 20 gpm submersible pump and motor. Both wells yielded 19.5 gpm during their pumping test and were permitted for 19.5 gpm each.

The average daily water use is approximately 6,000 gallons per day and with irrigation is approximately 18,000 gallons per day. All our water, including irrigation, passes thorough our water treatment equipment. There is no separate piping for irrigation.

The water lines are flushed once or twice each year and residents are notified beforehand.

We have volunteers for the purposes of keeping the water softener vat full and to keep vigil by taking meter readings, water tank level, booster pump alternation, and keeping a clean environment and notifying the system operated of any issues. A number of issues have been identified and relayed to the system operator before any major breakdown occurs. The combination of their vigilance and buying bulk, these volunteers save the Association hundreds of dollars each year.

Hampstead Water (owned by Lewis Builders) became our new system operator on 7/1/2010. 

Sodium and Chloride in Drinking Water - DES Fact Sheet

2020 Consumer Confidence Report  >>>

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Hadleigh Woods Community

Public Water System ID# 2542160

 As Built Water Distribution Plan (PDF format)

Water Plans (PDF format)


Topographic Site Plan 6 of 15 (PDF format)

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New Well #3 - 2012

Our new Pump House equipment and updated controls 









The existing station upgrades in 2012 included replacing an existing water softener, installing a new manganese greensand system with chlorine, installing a submersible pump in Well 3, and connecting Well 3 to the exiting pump house.

Three wells are currently piped into the pump house. The existing wells, Well 1 and Well 2, remain piped into the system and the newer Well 3 is connected to the station via a 2" Polyethylene well line and associated electrical wiring into the existing Control panel.

The operation of the pump house operates under a Lead/Lag scenario. Well 3 is the Lead well and  Well 2 operates as alternating lag well. Well 2 does not operate often, as Well 3 has adequate capacity and more favorable water quality. Well 1 is not used. After the wells enter the pump house they are individually metered, oxidized and filtered through a greensand filtration system for removal of manganese and then filtered through a water softener. The water softener includes a by pass system such that a portion of the water can be bypassed to maintain an appropriate level of hardness in the treated water i.e. 75-125 mg/L.

After the water is chlorinated and passes through the greensand filter and water softener the treated water is sent to the existing 25,000 gallon steel atmospheric storage tank.

From the storage tank the water flows to the residents homes and irrigation system as needed.

Permit to Operate, Contacts, System Data, Testing data, etc., is available  here at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.


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