Schedule C - Condominium Rules
Dogs must be on leashes (Please pickup the dog mess) No driveway sealants may be applied by owners. No ornamental lawn pieces in common areas. No boats, trailers, commercial vehicles, snow mobiles, etc are allowed in the common areas. No clotheslines, antennas, signs, flag poles or refuse are allowed in common areas. Planting in mulched areas must conform to Association guidelines. These rules are condensed from the New Hampshire RSA 356-B:16.l (h) Storm doors on back entrances and walkouts can be any white good quality doors Patio’s are allowed 10 x 12 made of patio block, brick, or cement in earthen tone colors (Permission in writing to the Board) Flags (3x5 on a wooden pole) are allowed any time from dawn till dusk. See for guidance.
Some of the most common rules and regulations No satellite dishes on Roofs can be mounted on poles out of sight of the main roads)
Condo  Rules