Hadleigh Woods Gazette

Volume 68                                      website: hadleighwoods.com                                   June, 2013


I LOVE YOU!.....the most beautiful words in the English language.  We reserve them for very special people and they make us feel pretty special when we hear them.

But, what about JUNE, JULY, and AUGUST? Aren’t those words to celebrate?  Why? Because they’re GREEN!  And GREEN is the color of GO!   Go where you say?

How about a stroll in the park, like Griffin here in Windham?  Call a friend to join you.  What about a trip to the Beach? (Hampton, N.H. is one of the best in the USA ).

How long since you’ve been to a Zoo? There’s York, Maine or Boston?  Have you watched a parade? (not on TV), gone to the fireworks ?  They’re coming up.

Why don’t you pack a picnic for a scenic spot, take a mystery ride, or visit a pal?  Take him OUTSIDE.  How about that parade or picnic?

There’s Canobie Lake Park around the corner, or an outside concert (Windham has many).  Just sit in your back (front) yard or up at the Gazebo!

As June draws to a close, make a New Half-Year resolution.  Get outside and enjoy the beautiful JUNE, JULY and AUGUST.........OUTSIDE!  GO GREEN!




  Message from the President

If you have not provided a key for emergency entrance to your unit as mandated by the condo doc's please contact the President. There have been 3 instances where a key was needed but the unit owner was not home.

Remember that the speed limit at Hadleigh Woods is 20 MPH. Please do not park in front of the mail boxes and instruct visitors and others not to park in front of the mail boxes.

For convenience and to reduce waste, we have installed a literature rack in the Cottage above the Board mail slot. Currently we have our Neighborhood list and Master Policy Insurance coverage copies there for your taking. Your suggestions to additional literature would be appreciated.



 Summary of Board of Directors’ Meeting on May 9, 2013


Eric Hamilton of Hub International Insurance made a presentation on the Association’s master insurance policy. There are three phases to our policy, Directors and Officers, Property and Liability, and an Umbrella or Blanket policy. He said that we may be able to get a better rate, now that we have no insurance claims for the last three years. The Board provided him with more favorable information (improved Fire Dept. equipment, more fire personnel, water source near-by, actual square footage of basements, etc.). This will be conducive to even lower rates. Eric stated that the companies that he requests quotes from do not usually respond until a month before the policy is about to lapse, so that the rates are current. He will get back to us in July with more information and quotes.

Letter from 7 Flat Rock about deck stain fading, issue will be handled by Total Deck Care.

Letter from Charlie Lanza, Lewis Builders states that damage to the driveway at 5 Hadleigh will be repaired, and the plastic silt barriers (near new well) will be removed during the second week of June.

Hampstead Water will be blowing out the water lines on Tuesday, May 14th. All owners are requested to flush individual systems. A flyer will be distributed.

Letter from 18 Hadleigh about deck stain leaking onto patio. Total Deck Care investigated and determined stain on patio blocks to be minerals in water runoff.

Blasting issue – Hampstead Water tests for Nitrates and Nitrites every quarter, so rather than spend extra monies on tests, we will monitor the quarterly tests from Hampstead and if there is a problem with elevated readings, then further action against the blaster or builder will be determined at that time.

Board granted permission to Team Maintenance to install 3 benches around the neighborhood. Benches will be cedar, with grey composite frame, and set on a crushed stone base. An engraved plaque will be placed on each bench.

B & C spread loam on the side of 2 Hadleigh to cover a bare spot. There will be an extra charge.

B & C brought up an issue about mowing around generators. They are concerned about mowers near gas and electric lines between the generators and the buildings. They determined that weed-whacking is the best solution.

B & C performed irrigation testing (part of contract) and complained about 77 sprinkler heads that were defective and they want to charge extra ($1300 for labor, $1300 for materials) for time spent testing the system (12 hours). Tom took affront to the number of defective heads and scheduled a meeting with B & C and the Board on May 13th. Andrea, Landscape Committee, stated that there were sprinkler heads damaged by the plow/Bobcat this past winter and we should not have to pay for those. Tom will get a count.

Andrea reports that the shrub inventory is complete and provided a copy to the Board. She received three (3) quotes (Chakarian Farms, B & C, and Lake Street Garden Center) and recommends purchasing the shrubs from Lake Street at $3004.82, with a 15% discount and they will be guaranteed for one year. Board approved the transfer of $1000.00 from the Maintenance account to the Checking account, in order to supplement shrub account and complete the purchase. It was noted that shrubs were not purchased last year due to the irrigation shut off and the new water lines installed for the well.  Andrea further stated that the installer would need money up front to purchase materials. Board agreed to give the installer $2500.00 and hold the rest until installation was completed.

Andrea pointed out that moss was taking over the grass in certain areas and suggests that we spread lime to encourage grass growth. The Board granted permission to the Landscape Committee to purchase 10 bags of granular lime.

A verbal complaint about an unapproved resident (daughter with a dog) living here. More information is needed by the Board, tabled until the next meeting.


Irrigation System


The irrigation system is up and running. Notify someone on the Board if you notice any sprinkler problems.


Landscape Committee

To those unit owners that received new shrubs: they need to be watered during days of high heat throughout the entire summer.  Most especially if you start to see any signs of stress.



Team Maintenance

“We want to thank all the team maintenance members for all you do for us. Thank you also for the beautiful benches. We really appreciate all you do for us.” Lillian & Chip

“For all that you do we can’t thank you enough. The benches are really beautiful and much appreciated. Thanks” Ben & Nina

“Thank you so much for the gift certificate to ‘Windham Junction’. It is a lovely treat!!” Nancy Roy


New Neighbors

The Hadleigh Woods Community would like to welcome Nancy Roy and Jeannine Michaud and congratulate them on their purchases here at Hadleigh Woods.



 Town of Windham

Transfer/Recycling Station

Mixed recyclables: aluminum/steel cans, #1 - #7 plastic containers, mixed paper, cardboard, glass deposited at door # 3; separate lids and caps; no hard cover books; clean containers; no loose metal; collapse cardboard; no Styrofoam peanuts; no plastic wrap; no tarps; no toys; no lawn furniture.

Scrap metal: all metal materials deposited in appropriate bins located at south end of station; no fluids.

Vehicle batteries: deposited in battery storage container located at south end of station.

Refrigerated appliances: deposited in designated bin located at south end of station.

Propane tanks: deposited in designated area located at south end of station; empty tanks only.

Electronics: deposited at door # 2; no televisions or monitors.

Clothing: deposited at door # 2; clean and bagged.

Tires: deposited in designated bin located at south end of station; no rims.

Motor oil/filters: deposited at door # 2; no other oils or fluids.



Breakfast on Friday at 8:30 AM.   An informal breakfast, open to all residents and guests of Hadleigh Woods, is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside the Park Place Lanes.

Bowling on Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The H-WOpen-To-All” bowling party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM at Park Place Lanes. After our fun bowling exercise, we go out for a meal

Rail Trail on Sunday.  The Derry Rail Trail is complete from the Windham line to route 102 (Main Street) in downtown Derry. A number of people go directly to the Windham Kitchen and forgo the trail altogether.