HadleighWoods               Gazette      Volume 3, Sept. 10, 2005


Published periodically for Owner-Residents of The Hadleigh Woods Adult Community

No By-Law Changes At This Time. Unfortunately, the Special Meeting held on 9/8/05 failed to achieve the required two-thirds (2/3) of the voting power in the Association. No further action is planned at this time. The Directorship and President-Elect provisions will stand as currently stated in the By-Laws.

The Water System Is Running Smoothly. After a period of concern, including premature replacement of one of the two pressure booster pumps (presumably damaged by either a brown-out condition or a lightening hit) we are pleased to report that the system is now operating better than it ever has..... recovery from the ground wells is strong, the auxiliary storage tank is filling routinely, the water to your units is virtually iron and manganese-free and our recent quarterly state tests all indicate good results.

Pre-Paid Discount Propane Gas Contracts. Just a reminder; anyone who hasn't yet but wants to take advantage of the pre-buy program for propane should do it now. The local papers are reporting that some fuel oil dealers are no longer accepting pre-buy contracts. In case this might happen with our propane supplier let's get ahead of it.

Cracks in Basement Foundation Walls. We have reported the collective problem to the Builder and are awaiting his response. If there are any other, unreported cracks please let the Board know so we can add it on. If the response from H & B is neither forthcoming nor adequate, we will escalate it to the Town of Windham Building Inspector.

It's Party Time in Hadleigh Woods. There are two special Hadleigh Woods parties planned for this month and next by residents that are open to everyone in the community. If you have any questions call the people noted.

1. Sunday. Sept. 18 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM in the Pump House Parking Lot. An informal get-together, called a "First Full Year Anniversary" (or something like that) is planned to celebrate the first full year here for most of us and the end of summer '05. Refreshments will be provided free including hot dogs, burgers, soda, beer and wine. A few desserts would be nice if anyone wants to bring one. Everyone is invited not only to celebrate but to continue to get to know one another a little better. By the way, the primary sponsors are Gratia M.., and Terry G..

2. Saturday. October 29 at 7:00 PM at the home of Marian S.- This is an open Halloween Party for everyone in the community at Marian's place. The price of admission is simply a favorite dish (hot or cold) to feed six people and, of course, a COSTUME!!!!!!! The hostess will provide the beer, wine, coffee and a party cake.

Seeking Bids for Next Yearns Contract for Snow Plowing and Lawn Care. TheLandscape Committee is starting the process of seeking bids from contractors for a combined Lawn/Snow Care contract for 2006-07. Together with the Board a detailed and specific set of specifications will be required of any serious contender. More later.

Nominating Committee. The three member Nominating Committee will be appointed by the Board to seek one Director-Nominee for each upcoming, 12/1/2005 vacancy. Those will be placed in nomination at the November 10 Annual Meeting along with any additional nominations from the floor.

Hadleigh Woods Joins the High Tech Age. Work is well underway on the official HWACCA Web Site thanks to the efforts of Tom T. and Harry M.. Most of the design work is done and anyone can now visit the site and take a look at what's been done. The designers would appreciate feed-back from you, especially constructive comments and ideas to make the site even more helpful and user-friendly. Although the site won't replace the Gazette at this time, it does offer more possibilities to get the word out due to its very nature of instant updates, etc. Take a look at:

- Another head's up that our fist official annual meeting is scheduled for November 10, 2005 at 7:00 PM at a location to be named later.

- Did you know what many volunteers here in Hadleigh Woods have done since we took over from H & B that directly relates to savings and to holding down the costs of running this community (vs. seeking outside contractual services)? Here's a partial list.
- Planting and nurturing flowers and shrubs in the common garden areas.
- Filling in sink holes and building several dry wells to control erosion.
- Cleaning and unclogging front gutters and down spouts.
- Maintaining proper levels of water softening agents in the pump house, weekly.
- Installing U.S. flag pole holders on 30 or so units.
- Helped a few residents dig up and plant side gardens.
- Made minor repairs to loose vinyl siding and miss-aligned trim pieces.
- Removed several "hot" hornets' nests around the neighborhood.
- Please keep an eye out for blocked downspouts in the front of your unit (water will be running over the gutter). Alert any Director if you have this situation.

- The patching of the bare spots and wash-outs in the common lawns has begun and will continue OVER the next two to three weeks until completed. The project is funded by H & B Homes with Elite Landscaping doing the actual work.

- The ladies who collected donations to cover the cost of advertising and promoting the big Yard Sale turned over a nice surplus of$ 59.00 to the general treasury. Thanks!

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