Hadleigh Woods Gazette

Web Site: hadleighwoods.com                                        Vol.  22, April 15, 2007



A time to reflect on the lives of three wonderful neighbors has unfortunately befallen us and now we must all say a final goodbye. The recent and untimely passing of Patricia P., Grace P., John T. leaves us all very sad as we begin to understand how much we will miss their engaging presence in all aspects of life here in Hadleigh Woods.

Pat leaves her husband Jack and a son along with many other friends and relatives.  We want Jack to know that we miss her greatly and that he is in our thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time. 

Grace leaves her long time husband Norman (who is confined to a nursing home) and her brother, Hartley, plus a large extended family. We extend our love and deepest sympathy to each of them as they deal with the loss.

John leaves his wife Gerda and also a large extended family. He will be especially missed by his immediate neighbors who counted upon John as a Mr. Fix-It and good guy to have in the neighborhood. The rest of us will miss him as well as our love and thoughts go out to his entire family but mostly to our dear friend and neighbor, Gerda.

Annual Spring Yard Sale.  Thanks to some renewed interest, the dates and times for another community yard sale have been set for Saturday May 19 and Sunday May 20 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day. If you wish to participate or have any questions call Betty C.or Andrea C.

Another Terrific Party!!  The H-W Spring Dinner Dance held last Saturday night at the Senior Center was another success. The food, the wine, the appetizers, the favors, the table decorations, and, of course the music and entertainment were great. Even with the dozen or so people who were away and couldn’t attend, about 30 did.  A rousing thanks is extended to the Tom & Anna, Booby & Judy, Marion S. and Betty C. and others who worked to make this such a fun-filled event. 

From the Board of Directors

Changing of the Guard!  With your directors coming and going on vacation, here is an update of where directors are and who will be available in the community.

1. On an Extended Vacation across America: Richard M. and Gratia M. 

2. Home and Available: Mary Ann D., George H. and Lennie K.

Spring Lawn Clean-Up and Repairs.  Routine Spring lawn and street clean-up, mulching and repairs to plow-damaged lawns will start in a couple of weeks, weather permitting. You may have noticed that the “un-frozen” lawns took a beating during the last couple of snowstorms. B & C Landscaping knows they have their work cut out for them..

Lawn Sink Holes and Wash-Outs.   Another casualty of the crazy winter is a number of wash-outs around foundations and sink holes throughout the lawns. We have identified many of them but please don’t hesitate reporting any you know of to a Director. Our current plan is to engage the B & C work crew to spread loam and seed and apply starter fertilizer immediately after our first lawn fertilizer treatment (around the first of May). 

Emergency Contact List.  As you know, one of the requirements in our Condominium Documents is that each owner-member provides the Board of Directors with a pass key to their unit. Although we have chosen not to enforce that, there are times when knowing who has a key or who should be contacted in an emergency could be important. To that end we are enclosing an Emergency Contact List for recording your pertinent contact information. Please complete the requested information and return the List to any Director ASAP. The file will be confidential and only referred to in an emergency. Thank you in advance for your prompt response.

Hadleigh Woods Calendar:

Breakfast Every Friday at 8:30 AM.  An informal breakfast open to all residents of Hadleigh Woods is normally held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside the Park Place Lanes, unless you are notified differently.

Bowling Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The Hadleigh Woods, open-to-all bowling party is normally held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM. at Park Place Lanes.  Afterward, everyone is welcome to meet for dinner at J. Michael’s Sports Pub.   

Windham Walking Trail on Sundays at 9:01 AM.  Everyone is invited to join in as an “H-W Walker” on the paved trail between Roulston Rd. and Windham Depot Rd.  Dress warmly and get back into hiking.  Different distances can be readily accommodated.  See the Web Site for more information.

Can you believe that we are almost a third of the way through spring? Rumor has it that we may get some bright, sunny and warm days soon!!!