New Web Site: hadleighwoods.com                                 Vol. 15, Aug. 31,2006

Candidates for Director Positions. There are six (6) openings on the Board of
Directors for next year. Anyone interested in running should think about why they want
to run and what they feel they can bring to the board in terms of expertise, experience,
etc. The Board has named a Nominating Committee and it will be talking to potential
candidates in order to present a slate at the Nov. Annual Meeting. Also, any owner who
wants to nominate another owner from the floor is entitled to do so. All candidates,
whether from the Nominating Comm. or from the floor will be on the ballot you receive?

ATTENTION: Couple of Maintenance Items that need to be done soon.

1. Painting the Rear Metal Bulkheads. Owners with bulkheads are required to maintain
the exterior surfaces as with any door. They are now almost 3 years old and the red
primer finish is showing rust and need to be refinished. To do so, remove any visible rust
using a sander or wire brush, clean thoroughly and remove any loose caulking, spot prime
affected areas with a rust preventative primer (i.e. Ace Rust Stop Gray Primer in a spray
can) and paint the entire exterior with two coats in Satin Acrylic-Latex Enamel. The
Board specifies Behr (Home Depot) custom mixed in Benjamin-Moore Sweatshirt Gray
#2126-40. Re-caulk any seams that need it. The interior surfaces are your option.

Caution: If you use a spray primer be careful not to get overspray on the vinyl siding.
Also, try to work in the shade as the metal gets hot in the sun and makes painting
difficult. If you prefer, Team-Maintenance will do the job for $80.00 including all prep
work, priming, two finish coats and re-caulking, and provide all materials.

2. Staining the Wooden Rear Decks, Stoops and Stairs. Likewise, decks, stoops, etc. are
the maintenance responsibility of the owner and many are in need of a sealer-stain, now.
To do it yourself, clean the flat surfaces thoroughly, rinse with water and when
completely dry apply the specified sealer-stain product (either Cabot 3000, Natural, the
original product or the recently specified Cabot 3002, Cedar, which is a little darker and
covers the aged wood better). If you already have the 3000, use it but when you buy more
get the 3002. Again, if you prefer, Team-Maintenance will do the entire job, including
providing the sealer-stain at a very reasonable price. Call for a specific price quotation.

Team-Maintenance News. To date, the all-volunteer Team—Maintenance has stained 12
decks and stoops, replaced several outside water spigots, removed the mold and mildew
from the pump house, installed new drainage ditches on a few units, painted two
bulkheads and done several odd jobs for owners. If you have an interest in using the
Team and/or want a quote on a project call Tom T. or Lenny K..

Currently, the Team has a supply of both Air Bear furnace filters and humidifier
evaporator pads available to you for only $38.00, for both ($50.00 if you want them

installed) The manufacturer recommends changing both on an annual basis for
peak furnace and air conditioning performance, and, reducing energy costs.

Upstairs Bathroom Vent Control. One of our residents learned that the Control Panel,
Intermatic, Inc, Model SS7 has a defect and is being recalled. Solely by Voice Mail, they
explain the problem, request you leave your name and address and model type (SS7) and
a new control will arrive in a week or so. The number to call is 815 675-2321. We urge
everyone to call for the replacement and replace, as necessary...

Limited Supply of Hadleigh Woods Polo Shirts Available. Both men's and ladies'
logo polo shirts are available in a variety of colors and sizes at just $16.00 each. To get
yours contact Lenny K.. This is a limited offer until they are gone.

From the Board of Directors:

1. We hear there are misunderstandings about the way Team-Maintenance is
structured. Although not a part of the Board of Directors, it is made-up of
concerned volunteers that have and will to do certain common area maintenance
work for the Board... .at no cost for the labor. Work for owners either in limited
common or private areas will be done for as reasonable a fee as possible and part of
the labor charge goes into a kitty for things like a neighborhood breakfast or
cookout, a gas grill, an awning, etc. that would benefit everyone. If you have any
questions, please call Charlene C.

2. Owners are reminded that any new cable or telephone installations must be inside
wiring, only. No wires or cables are allowed on the exterior walls.

3. Copies of Board meeting minutes are available upon request. Contact Millie

4. The Eastern Propane Early Buy Program for this winter C06-'07) is set at $2.09
per gallon, Oct. thru Apr., and is available on a limited basis to you... If you
haven't done so and want in, call Eastern without delay (603 883-6400).

5. A portion of Flat Rock Road is receiving a paved sidewalk at the behest of the
Town of Windham in conjunction with the new H & B office building project.

Hadleigh Woods Calendar:

Breakfast Every Friday at 8:30 AM., A breakfast for residents of Hadleigh Woods is
held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside the Park Place Lanes.

Bowling Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM. The Hadleigh Woods, open-to-all bowling
party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM, also at Park Place lanes.

Windham Walking Trail on Sundays at 9:01 AM. Everyone is invited to join in as an
"H-W Walker" on the newly paved trail between Roulston Rd and Windham Depot Rd.
Different distances can be accommodated. See the Web Site for more information.

Relax and enjoys the fruits of earl fall....country fairs, fresh apples and produce,
and most of all the beautiful weather this season brings to central New England.