Hadleigh Woods Gazette

Volume 53                                      website: hadleighwoods.com                              October 2010


MUM’s the word……..everywhere.  In a bevy of beautiful colors they reflect the tones of our gorgeous fall foliage.  They decorate the landscape at every turn, another gift we enjoy in our wonderful New England

Good news.  These lovely blossoms can be saved for next season.  After they pass their prime, you can drop your mums off to Andrea Childress and her super landscaping team. They’ll be collecting them at the back of the second parking area on the left on Hadleigh Road.  They’ll re-cycle them so that they’ll brighten our neighborhood again next Autumn.


Important Association News

Message from the President

Important Facts – Our condo docs state that we must have from 3 to 7 Board members. Effective 1/1/11 the following Board members will NOT be members of the board: John K., Gratia and Richard. Dom and Ed will continue into 2011. No one has yet shown any interest in becoming a Board member. With the possibility that we will no longer be a self‑managed community, we are beginning to look at management companies.

Management Company Search Committee – if you are interested in joining this important Committee, please contact Richard at 978-857-2855 or meshow41@gmail.com.

Storage Shed – As the progress continues on the storage facility, we would like to thank the volunteers for their hard work and dedication. We appreciate the wonderful job that J. L. Powell Construction did to jump start this project.  Also, we would like to thank those of you that have been making unsolicited donations towards this endeavor.

Gutter Cleaning – Total Deck Care will be cleaning our front gutters soon. If you decide you want your rear gutter cleaned, they will do it at your expense.

Trees – we will be trimming and removing additional trees along the perimeter of our property later this fall or early winter.

Treasurer’s Report – To date, we have $191,458.31 in our various Capital Reserve Accounts and all invoices received to date have been paid.  Reminder:  Final payments for the deck refinishing are due by December 15, 2010.

 Annual Meeting – This year’s Annual Meeting will be held at the Windham Middle School on Tuesday, November 30th at 7:00 PM.




Volunteer Work

Nominating Committee - We are arriving at that time of year when your friendly Nominating Committee representatives will be visiting your homes again for volunteers for the Hadleigh Woods Board of Directors.  Please keep in mind that our Condo Association Fee is only $195.00 per month because our past and present Board members are made up of volunteers who have made Hadleigh Woods the wonderful retirement community that we enjoy today.  Some have been hesitant to offer their services in the past.  Please reconsider one of the three positions we need to fill effective January 1, 2011. Here is a brief overview of the Board Members’ duties:

President - The President presides at all meetings of the board and the membership and will execute contracts, orders, and other documents in the name of the association as its agent. The president also assumes general charge of the day-to-day administration of the association and has the authority to order specific actions in furtherance of the board's policies. This includes assigning board members to oversee the following volunteer committees; such as Landscape, Water System, Ombudsman, Budget & Finance committees. The president serves as spokesman for the board of directors in most matters relating to general association business.

The President Elect is vested with all the powers which are required to perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President. The President Elect may act for the president only when the president is actually absent or otherwise unable to act. The President Elect may assume such additional duties as are defined by the board of directors. Often, the President Elect will chair one or more substantive committees.

The Secretary/Treasurer of the association is responsible for keeping and maintaining a record of all meetings of the board and the membership and is the custodian for most of the official records of the association. As the custodian for the minutes and other official records of the association, the secretary is responsible for insuring access to those records by the members of the association and their authorized representatives.  As Treasurer, he/she is the custodian of the funds, securities and financial records of the association. Consequently, he/she is responsible for coordinating the development of the proposed annual budget and for preparing and giving the annual financial report on the financial status of the association

The Assistant Secretary/Treasurer is vested with the powers which are required to perform the duties of the Secretary/Treasurer when the Secretary/Treasurer is absent or otherwise unable to act.

The Director – will be at the disposal of the President to fulfill specific actions in furtherance of the board’s policies and duties.

The members of the board of directors act in good faith and in the best interest of the members of the association.  Serving as a board member can be a valuable and rewarding experience.  Those who have undertaken it have seen it as an opportunity to serve their neighbors while enhancing the community.  By serving, you will eliminate the need for an outside firm and an average initial increase of approximately $25.00 per household, per month.

We thank you in advance for allowing us into your homes.

Jim                                Betty                                      Priscilla


 Team Maintenance

 When covering up your air conditioning unit for the winter, remember to only cover the top.  If the sides are also covered, this leaves a great environment for insects and vermin to nest and live and condensation can build up under the cover and possibly damage the unit.



Just for Fun


 Just a quick quiz from Dolly – Guess the phrases.






___  Man___



















Breakfast Every Friday at 8:30 AM.   An informal breakfast, open to all residents and guests of Hadleigh Woods, is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside the Park Place Lanes, unless you are notified differently.

Bowling Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The H-WOpen-To-All” bowling party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM at Park Place Lanes.  After, around 5:00 PM, everyone is welcome to join in for dinner at J. Michael’s Sports Pub on Rockingham Road. 

Notice: The first week of each month we will be going to the Windham Country Kitchen after bowling and not J. Michaels.   

Rail Trail Every Sunday. We have three options for walking the trail. The first is parking in the Windham Junction parking lot and walking down the trail and returning to the lot. The second is parking on Roulston Rd. and walking to the Depot. A third option eliminates driving by walking from HW and taking a trail from Flat Rock Road that leads to the Rail Trail. In addition to the exercise we all enjoy breakfast at the Windham Country Kitchen. Those that are not walkers can join us at the Kitchen at 10:00 AM.

Hadleigh Woods Diet Group. A number of residents gather every Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM to weigh in and give ideas and encouragement for losing weight. The cost is $2.00 per week. Anyone interested in joining, please contact Joanne (978-828-3378) or Gratia (890-3140)


Meet the Neighbors


Still relatively new to our neighborhood, Pat and Bob, at 20 Hadleigh Rd., moved here from North Andover, MA on July 15th, 2009. Pat (nee Cherico), originally from New York City, has a brother, a physician, who lives in New Jersey.  Bob has four sisters. Two live in New England and the others in Virginia and South Carolina.The couple will celebrate their thirty-ninth anniversary in November.  They have two children, their daughter, Justine, lives locally.  Son, Paul, lives cross-country in San Diego with his wife Vivian and their eighteen-month old daughter, Keira.  Baby number two is due in January. Pat and Bob met while attending Merrimack College in North Andover, MA where Pat earned a B.S. in English and Bob graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  They didn’t stop there. Pat took graduate courses in education and put them to good use teaching for 18 years in Andover, MA.  Bob obtained a Master’s Degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern University and was employed by ATT/Lucent for thirty years. Pat and Bob enjoy many interests including entertaining friends, traveling, boating, fishing and reading.  They also spend time in the Florida Keyes. Bob and Pat claim to be very happy at Hadleigh Woods “where the people are friendly and very helpful.”  They “hope you all take the time to stop by and say hi.”


 Meet the Newest Neighbors 

Kathy and Jack have joined our community and are settling in at 4 Blackburn Road. They are here in the winter but have a summer home elsewhere.  We welcome them to our community and hope they will be happy here in their new home.