HadleighWoods        Gazette      Volume 7, Jan. 26, 2006

Published Periodically for Owner-Residents ofHadleigh Woods Adult Community

Driveways, Oh Those Driveways! This has been a crazy winter of one and two inch
snow and ice storms that come in just under the snow plowing capabilities of a truck-
based system, and, of course the threshold of our contract depth for removal. Some of
you have pushed or shoveled the accumulation to the sides while others either can't or
choose not to clear the drives. In any case, the Board of Directors is concerned due to the
potential hazards that result from these pesky little storms, particular when they come
back-to-back and don't get a chance to melt right away..

As a first step, a snow melting agent (Calcium Chloride) is available in the silver barrel
just outside the Pump House. Anyone who wants some simply bring a small container
and help yourself. The Board is also looking at several possible strategies including
having a contractor sand (with 20% salt), shovel or snow blow, at either Association
expense or at unit owner expense, whichever makes the most sense. If anyone has ideas
or possible solutions to this nagging issue please contact any Director with your input.
There will be more on this if and when plans can be more fully developed.

New Neighborhood Assignments for Directors. Effective immediately, if you have a
problem or concern, or a matter that requires the attention of the Board, you should
contact one of the Directors, below, according to where you reside in the community..

"Upper" Hadleigh Road (26 and up plus 21 & 23): Len Kimball or Tom Tosto
Blackburn Road: Len Kimball or Tom Tosto
"Lower" Hadleigh Road: (2 thru 24): Frank Walsh
Flat Rock Road: Joe Garden

May'06 - April *07 Lawn Care and Snow Removal Contract. The Board is in the
final phase of issuing the contract for the next lawn care and snow plowing season.
Although the specific contractor cannot be announced until the contract is accepted and
signed, you should know that it will incorporate several additional requirements to assure
that our community remains well cared for consistent with your expectations. Hopefully
the selected contractor can be named within a few weeks.

Hot Water to the Kitchen Sink and Dishwasher in Seconds. Another reminder that a
fix is available for $125.00 to provide almost instant hot water to your kitchen. Refer to
the bulletin sent out a few weeks ago or call Tricia at 978 685-0880 to have it done.

Note: A few residents have complained that the cost is too high at $125 and it may be.
However, the only other plumber who would even bid wanted $175!!!

Breakfast, Anyone? Starting now, there will be an open, pay-your-own-way breakfast
for all interested residents of Hadleigh Woods every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat
Grill inside the Park Lane Alleys, Windham which is located on Route 28 near the Salem
town line. This unique opportunity to get to know each other better grew out of a similar
but smaller plan devise by Roger Lebrecque of 18 Hadleigh Road. Not only is this a fully
optional activity you also get to choose your own particular meal from the menu. Please,
show up if you can and begin to get to know your neighbors a little better.

Recipe of the Month. None submitted this month.

- Although we have seen improvement in the speed that vehicles travel within the
community, there is still considerable room for improvement. We suggest that you
ingrain the speed limits in your head and also remind any visitors of the speed limits in
Hadleigh Woods (20 MPH on Flat Rock and 10 MPH everywhere else). Again, thanks to
the slow drivers and a please slow down to all the rest of you.
Dick Morin (27 Hadleigh) and Janet Tremblay (6 Hadleigh) continue to convalesce from
their recent health problems. I'm sure they would appreciate hearing from you or
receiving a card. The Editor extends best wishes for a speedy recovery to both of you.
Here's Hoping You All Had a Happy New Year And That The Year of
2006 Continues To Get Even Better For You!