HadleighWoods                      Volume 8, Apr.3,2006

Published Periodically/or Charier-Residents ofHadleigh Woods Adult Community

Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale It's that time again to take another look at your attic,
your basement and your closets to see what you can pass on to someone else! The all-day
Yard Sale will be held on Saturday May 20th from 9:00 AM through 3:30 PM and, for
those who wish, again on Sunday May 21st from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. If you have any
questions or want to help with the general planning call Betty C..

New Neighborhood Assignments for Directors. As previously reported, if you have a
problem or concern, on a matter that requires the attention of the Board, you should
contact one of the Directors, below, according to where you reside in the community..

"Upper" Hadleigh Road (25 and up plus 21 & 23):... Len K. or Tom T.
Blackburn Road..................................................... Len K. or Tom T.

"Lower" Hadleigh Road: (2 thru 24):.................... Frank W.

Flat Rock Road:......................,.........,............. Joe G.

News From the Board of Directors:

1. New Lawn Care and Snow Removal Contractor. B & C Landscaping of Derry has
agreed to terms with the Board to be the '06-'07 contractor for lawn care and snow
removal. As in the past, unit owners are advised to bring any concerns they have with the
contractor's work directly to a Board member (see above) and not bother the contactor or
his work force. To do otherwise generates more problems than it resolves. The Board
thanks you in advance for your cooperation in this regard.

Don't be surprised if you see both the old and the new contractors here together.. .the old
to clear up problems from the winter plowing and the new to begin the Spring clean-up.

2. Several residents have inquired about the possible installation of "newspaper tubes" on
the mailbox stands. The Board voted unanimously to ban any such installations. The
Board suggests that you ask your delivery person to put the paper in a plastic sleeve
and/or place the paper on your stoop in bad weather.

3. The Board has authorized five residents to attend a special, 12 hour training course for
Small Public Water System operation and maintenance put on by the State of New
Hampshire. This will help us better understand the part our primary, contract System
Operator (Pennichuck Water Co.) plays in managing the system and assist them with
early detection of possible failures and other routine matters.


4. Plans are being made to hold a Semi-Annual, all-member meeting on either May 9,10
or 11. It will be held in the early evening. More details will be forthcoming.
Breakfast, Anyone? What started out with just a few residents in January and has grown
to as many as 30 is now an open-to-all, pay-your-own-way breakfast for all residents of
Hadleigh Woods. It is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside
the Park Lane Alleys, Windham on Route 28 near the Salem town line. No one should
shy away from this special get-together. It's a fun time and you will be rewarded by the
many new acquaintances you make.

And Bowling Too! In addition to the Friday breakfast there is now an open-to-all
bowling party every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM. It is a fun time, non-competitive
outing that lasts about an hour and a half (only 2 strings are bowled). Absolutely no prior
experience is required!!! If you would like to join in give Harry or Gratia M. a
heads up so that lanes can be reserved ahead of time.


- Although we have seen a little improvement in the speed that vehicles travel within the
community, there is still much room for improvement. Many people continue to drive
way too fast within the community. We suggest that you ingrain the speed limits in your
head and remind any visitors of the speed limits in Hadleigh Woods:

a. 20 MPH on Flat Rock Road (a town road)
b. 10 MPH on Hadleigh and Blackburn Roads

Again, thank you to the slow drivers and a please slow down to all the rest of you.

- Sick Bay: Dick M. and Janet T.continue to
convalesce from their health problems. Recently added to the list is Billy L. and he is now in re-hab and doing better. Joe D. had a little
scare but reports he is on blood thinners and doing well. I'm sure they would all
appreciate hearing from you or receiving a card. The Editor extends best wishes for a
speedy and full recovery to all of you.

Here's to Spring and all the green that is sure to follow. Let's hope the
grounds just keep looking better and better as the season progresses.