Volume 9, Apr. 15, 2006


Published Periodically for Owner-Residents ofHadleigh Woods Adult Community
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May 20th Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale It's that time again to take another look at

your attic, basement and closets to see what you can sell on to someone else! The all-day
Yard Sale will be held on Saturday May 20th from 9:00 AM through 3:30 PM and, for
those who wish, again on Sunday May 21st from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. If you have any
questions or want to help with the general planning call Betty Csenger at 890-5097.

News From the Board of Directors:

1. The new Lawn Care and Snow Removal Contractor, B & C Landscaping of Deny

started the Spring clean-up on Wednesday, April 12 and will continue for four or five
days (weather permitting). Winter sand removal will be done in two stages: first the
heavy street accumulations now and the lawn sweeper next week.

Elite will be finishing up any plow damage to lawns and sprinkler heads over the next
week or so. Also, chipped paint on the front stoop columns will be repaired by Elite.

2. Our new lawn treatment contractor, LawnMaster LawnCare of Hudson will be
applying the first treatment of Crabgrass Pre-emergent plus Fertilizer along with a
Broadleaf weed control product. That treatment is now scheduled for Saturday, April 22,
weather permitting, of course.

3. The Board has authorized the five residents who recently attended the special course
for Small Public Water System's operation (a State of New Hampshire offering) to assist
our system operator, Pennichuck, by keeping the water softener vat filled with the
treatment agent and keeping a general log of input-output and other useful! data.
Although these men will not actually operate the station nor do any of the required
testing, their contribution does represents a huge dollar savings over having Pennichuck
do the treatment work.

4. The Semi-Annual, all-member meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, May 9,
2006 at the Windham Middle School (located behind the Golden Brook Elementary
School). The Secretary will be mailing more details to you.

5. The Annual 55 Community Age Census for the Town of Windham is coming up soon.
The Secretary will mail you the required document. Complete and return it without delay.

Breakfast Club Anyone? What started out with just a few residents ten weeks ago and
has grown to almost 40 is the open-to-all, pay-your-own-way breakfast for all residents of
Hadleigh Woods. It is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside
the Park Lane Alleys, Windham on Route 28 near the Salem town line. No one should
shy away from this fun and pleasant occasion. You will be rewarded by the new
acquaintances you make and the good time you will have. Give it a try!
And Bowling Too! In addition to the Friday breakfast there is an open-to-all bowling
party every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM. It is ajust-for-fun, non-competitive outing
that lasts about an hour and a half (only 2 strings are bowled). Absolutely no prior
experience is required!!! If you would like to join in give Harry or Gratia M. a
heads up so that lanes can be reserved ahead of time.

Sick Bay: Kathy B. is quite ill and is now in a Boston Hospital. Dick
M. and Janet T. continue to convalesce from their health problems. Billy L. is now in a Wilmington, MA re-habitation center.

Norm N. is still under long-term care in a Nursing
Home. Our prayers go out to each of them and their families for a quick recovery. Surely,
they would all appreciate hearing from you or receiving a card.

Monthly Condo Fees All checks for the condo fee must be mailed to: HWAACC, P.O.
Box 712, Windham ,NH 03087. Do Not Mail To Millie M Address.

All-New Wed Site Preliminary, exploratory work has begun on a new, larger and
improved web site that will be less expensive and more tuned to our needs. Also,
exclusive "Hadleigh Woods" E-Mail addresses may be in the offering. More on this
exciting news in future issues.

The birds are back, the trees are in bud, the lawns are starting to green-up,
temperatures are rising and the Red Sox are winning again. It doesn 't get
any better than that!!!