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Gazette         Vol. 11, May 26, 2006

Published Periodically for Owner-Residents of Hadleigh Woods Adult Community

Custom, Hadleigh Woods Polo Shirts Available. All cotton pique, men's and ladies'
polo shirts are now available in a variety of colors with a unique, custom, "Hadleigh
embroidered logo for just $16.00 each. These are great for travel, an evening out,
golf or for anytime when you want to feel good about where you live! To get them
simply contact Lenny.. If the ones you want are not available he will
order them for you. This is a limited offer through July 2006 so get yours now. The net
proceeds from this sale will go to the General Fund for special projects.

Yard Sale 2006 is Now History. Results are in and the yard sale was another big
community success, although perhaps not of the magnitude of last year. Maybe some of
you got rid of too much stuff a year ago!! We not only owe Betty C. and those who
worked with her a rousing thank you but we need to let her know how you feel about
"next" year. If you think we should take a year off, or whatever, let her know now.

News From the Board of Directors:

1. As we begin to put the rain behind us, we see the lawns beginning to respond as
well. The new contractor has been told that his crew has caused quite a bit of
damage to the lawns, particularly the numerous skid outs on the back yards and
the over-trimming around the mulched areas. The Board and the Architectural
Committee (A-C) will be watching the grounds situation closely for steady
improvement. If you detect any new damage to the yards don't hesitate passing
the info along to your designated director.. .

2. The board is now replacing or removing the dead shrubs and trees, plus doing
some selective reseeding. Also, they will be addressing the unsightly area on the
right side entrance to Hadleigh Road as well as the grassless strip along the lower
end of Flat Rock. Also, longer term plans are being formulated to do more to
improve the lawns this fall.

3. The problem of large, sink-holes in the backyard areas on Flat Rock continues to
plague us. It appears the route cause may be that the outlet pipes for the French
Drains from each building are buried under the lawn (rather than extended out
behind the lawns and into the woods) and the water run-off from those drains is
undermining the lawns. We are working with the builder to address this situation.

4. A Men's "Volunteer" Work Force is being set up to do some basic, routine
maintenance and repair projects in the Common Area, such as fertilizing the
shrubs in the front of the units, changing light bulbs on the front post lamps.

stoops and back stoops/decks, cleaning gutters and downspouts, minor wash-outs
and certain other minor repairs. Yes, there is always room for more volunteers.
Contact your designated director to offer to join in or to request assistance.

5. Thanks to all for your prompt reply of the town Age Census.

6. Just a reminder that the By-Laws specifically require all owners to notify the
Board first before there is any attempt to sell a unit. There are several reasons why
this step is imperative.

Community Calender.

Breakfast Every Friday At 8:30 AM. An open-to-all, pay-your-own-way breakfast for
residents of Hadleigh Woods is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill
located inside the Park Lane Alleys, Windham on Route 28 near the Salem town line. It's
a fun time and you will be rewarded by the new acquaintances you make. No one should
feel unwanted... .come one, come all.

Bowling Every Wednesday At 3:00 PM. The Hadleigh Woods, open-to-all bowling
party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM. It's ajust-for-fun, strictly non-
competitive outing that lasts about an hour and a half (only 2 strings are bowled).
Absolutely no prior experience is required!!! Show up a little early so we can get the
number of lanes we need.


Have you got Spider Mites? There have been reported traces of spider mites in several
units. Not to worry... .they can be eliminated quite simply. Look for little black or red
dots in the comers of your door and window sills. That is the tell tale that the critters are
there. Simply spray a generous amount of common, household Raid on a rag and wipe
those areas as well as between the window and the screen to kill them. Same treatment
applies if they appear in any other parts of your unit.

Lawn Grub control. For those who asked, our next scheduled lawn treatment in June
includes a grub control product (MERIT).

Weeding Mulched Areas. Remember, the landscaper will only weed the mulched areas
that do not have any plants or flowers placed there by a resident. The rule is simple: if
you put plants or flowers or vines in any mulched area, you need to keep it weeded.

Treating the Shrubs. The Rhododendrons will be treated for Borers this week. Also, all
the evergreen shrubs will be treated with an acidic formulation.

Again, thank you to all the slow drivers and please, inform all your visitors that
we have low speed limits here and they too must honor them,