Hadleighwoods Gazette

New Web Site: hadleighwoods.com                                              Vol. 12, June 28,2006

Very Sad News Department. It Is with an extremely heavy heart that we report
to you the recent and untimely passing of two of our most beloved residents.
First, Billy Lundgren, age 77, of died on May 28 following complications from series of strokes. Most recently Joe Garden, age 64, of and a HWACCA Director passed quietly in his sleep on June
25. These two, wonderfully engaging and among the friendliest of neighbors
will be missed by all who knew and loved them. They were both quite unique
in the most wonderful way.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to both Barbara and Terry as they face
an uncertain period ahead. Fortunately, they both have the love and support of their
respective families, and in Terry's case, more support within Hadleigh Woods. May God
bless them both in these difficult times and grant them the strength to get through it.

P.S. We are in receipt of a very nice thank you note from the Lundgren family for all of
you in Hadleigh Woods who have supported them during their ordeal.

New HW Maintenance Group. A maintenance group has been formed within the
community to assist both the Board with light maintenance and repairs in the common
area and individual residents with a low cost option on a wide range of inside repairs,
maintenance and installations projects. Inside, unit-resident services can vary from
moving an electrical outlet, cleaning and staining a deck, or replacing the furnace filters
to more complex projects such as putting in shelves, light carpentry or just fixing things
that need attention. For example, they will supply and install both a furnace filter and a
humidifier evaporator filter for $50.00, complete. Some of us paid that last year to Lakes
Region Heating/AC for one filter!!! If you have an interest in using the Team or want a
quote, etc. please call either Tom or Lenny.

Remuneration for common area work will be in the form of a credit from the Board
against future expenses for recreational and/or social activities within the community for
the benefit of all. Inside, resident unit work will be charged out at a very reasonable fee
for labor plus materials (which can be owner supplied). Half of the labor fee goes to the
individual worker(s) and half to a special Recreational-Social Kitty for the benefit of all
residents (i.e. supplies and materials for a cookout, a pancake breakfast, a block party,
etc.). Although there are already several volunteer team members, openings exist for
anyone, male or female, who has some skill or simply an inclination to participate. If you
think you would like to join the team or get more information call Tom T., Len K. or
Harry M.

Limited Supply ofHadleigh Woods Polo Shirts Available. A new supply of men's
and ladies' polo shirts is now available in a variety of colors with the unique "Hadleigh
embroidered logo for just $16.00 each. These are great for travel, an evening out,
golf or for anytime when you want to feel good about where you live! To get them
simply contact Lenny. This is a limited offer until they are gone.

From the Board of Directors:

1. Just a reminder that the By-Laws specifically require all owners to notify the
Board before any units are put up for sale.

2. All rear decks, stoops and stairs need to be power washed and sealed by unit
owners each year, especially the horizontal surfaces. Do them this summer.

3. The lawn mowing crew is having some difficulty negotiating parked cars on or
too near the grass. Try to park a little better on mowing day (Wednesday, weather

Community Calendar.

Breakfast Every Friday at 8:30 AM. Open-to-all, pay-your-own-way breakfast for
residents of Hadleigh Woods is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill
located inside the Park Place Lanes, Windham on Route 28 near the Salem town line.

Bowling Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM. The Hadleigh Woods, open-to-all bowling
party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM, also at Park Place lanes.


Weeding Mulched Areas. Remember, the landscaper will only weed the mulched areas
that do not have any plants or flowers placed there by a resident. The rule is simple: if
you put plants or flowers or vines in any mulched area, you need to keep it weeded.

Feeding the Shrubs. Now that the Rhododendrons have been treated for Borers by the
Maintenance Team, the Team will be feeding all the evergreen shrubs with an acid-based
fertilizer. For those of you who already fertilize just keep it up. The results do show it!

An Available Electrician. A new neighbor, in area is an electrician
and is available to you. He is John Lucinskas at 235-0918.,

Windows Washed? There is a service to wash windows and screens, inside and out, upstairs
and down for just $6.00 per window. Call Dan of DJ's at 603 537-9270 for more information.

Now, let's all get out and enjoy a warm and wonderful New Hampshire summer
fflfed with good food, good times and, especially, good friends and family.