Hadleigh Woods         Gazette

Web Site: hadleighwoods.com                                           Vol.  34, August 2008


John G. “Sonny” Spaziano, Age 69

It is with much sadness we report the passing of Sonny from complications of cancer. Prior to his death he resided at Hadleigh Woods with his sister and brother-in-law, Mary Ann and Joe.  Sonny was a retired police officer from the City of Lawrence and later a business owner there.  He will be missed by all who knew him and loved him. 


Eastern Gas Pre-Buy.   If you haven’t done so already, time is running out on your ability to subscribe to the 500 gallon minimum at $2.99 per gallon program for the upcoming heating season.  Payment can be either in-full or extended over 4 months. Contact Eastern Gas directly if you want to participate.

Lamp Post Planting Contest.  The second annual planting contest, sponsored by Team Maintenance, was again a success just based on all the many beautiful displays throughout the community.  To make it more interesting an outside and impartial group of judges were asked to select the best ones.  Not surprisingly, Olly  of Flat Rock Road was deemed “Best of Show” but closely followed by Joanne M. and Lucille R. of Hadleigh Road, in that order.

Wii System Gifted to Windham Senior Center.  On August 19th Board President Richard, along with quite a few residents, presented a new Wii System to the Senior Center as a gift from the entire Hadleigh Woods family.  As you know, we use that facility often for both Association and informal activities at a very reasonable rate.

Shrub Replacement Program.   The Board and the Landscape Committee have inventoried and prioritized the unsightly shrubs and bushes in the Common Area that are candidates for replacement.  The Board has decided to wait until the spring and will plan for this in the 2009 budget.  

Gas Hot Water Heater Failures.  The Board is working with Eastern Gas, the original supplier and installer, to both understand the nature of so many pre-mature failures and what can be done to ease the impact on residents.

Association Comprehensive Insurance Policy Renewal.  The 2008-2009 (August through July) HWACCA comprehensive policy that covers the interior (as completed by the builder) as well as the exterior structure of all buildings and necessary liability coverage has been renewed with Nationwide Insurance.  Happily, it was purchased with a slight decrease in cost over the previous year.

Continue to Manage Your Septic SystemThis is yet another reminder to keep up the good work of keeping bad stuff out of your septic systems.  The recent, first failure of a single system (two units) turned out to be a blockage in the line going to the septic tank. Once that line was cleared, normal operations resumed.

Remember, chemicals, granular or powdered soaps, non-biodegradable tissue papers, plastics, raw garbage or any other solid objects have no place in these systems.   

Sick BayJoe C. is back in the hospital after having major surgery.  Vern is in the hospital with pneumonia. Our thoughts and prayers are with both Joe and Vern and we wish them a speedy recovery.

Poker, Anyone?  A group of card playing residents have put together a regular, friendly poker game of several tables.  If there are any other like-minded residents, please give Dick M. 890-0323, Joe C. 898-3379 or Joe D. 893-1974 a call.

Anyone for Golf?   The weekly “H-W Golf School and Tourney” is held every Monday at approximately 8:30 AM.  In keeping with the spirit of Hadleigh Woods, it is open to all, men, women, guests, beginners or veterans.  The more the merrier.  Depending upon the weather, start times may change so check with someone you know who plays regularly.

Breakfast Every Friday at 8:30 AM.   An informal breakfast open to all residents and guests of Hadleigh Woods is normally held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside the Park Place Lanes, unless you are notified differently.

Bowling Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The H-WOpen-To-All" bowling party is held every Wed. afternoon at 3:00 PM at Park Place Lanes.  After, around 5 PM, everyone is welcome to join in for dinner at J. Michael’s Sports Pub on Rockingham Road.   

Walking the Rail Trail Every Sunday at 8:01 AM.  With the onset of decent weather, the health walk on the Windham Rail Trail is resuming now.  Walkers should plan to meet just before 8:00 AM either at the Roulston Road end or at the Junction end (depending on how far you want to walk, etc.).  Following the walk, most people opt to go to breakfast at the Kitchen at Windham Junction. Hope to see you there for the joy of fitness and continued good health.

Summer is still here; hopefully the rains will subside and we can really enjoy the transition to autumn.  Yes, we are about to feel those cool nights, cold early mornings and nice warm days as Fall fast approaches.  What are the Red Sox up to for the Post Season?  Will the Patriots resume their winning ways?  Is this the year we get another gigantic hurricane in Southern New England?  Will the fall foliage be spectacular or ordinary?  So much to contemplate as we continue to enjoy life in our little corner of paradise!