Hadleigh Woods Gazette

Volume 60                                      website: hadleighwoods.com                             February 2012


Important Association News

Message from the President

By the time you read this issue of The Gazette, our New England winter will be more than half way gone.  What a pleasant surprise this winter has been.  The “snowbirds” could have stayed with us this year!

Your new Board has met a couple of times and the new members are incorporating themselves well.  Jim and I have taken on the position of Treasurer and he has taken on being the contact for snowplowing with B & C.  If you have any issues with the snowplowing, please contact him.  John B. and Nancy will be splitting the chores of Secretary.   Roger is remaining as Vice President elect and doing the ongoing water project.

In case we do have a snow before our winter is over, a reminder that all cars need to be moved from the driveways to the overflow parking in order to allow B & C to plow your driveway.  If there is a car present, the driveway will not be plowed.

At this typing, we are waiting for the State to approve the permitting of our new well and waiting for the final estimates on the project cost.  When this is completed, the Board, guests from the State, and Hampstead will meet with you to give you the up-to-date information.

Another reminder that the Condo Fees or any correspondence you wish to direct to the board can be placed in the mailbox INSIDE the cottage door.  There is no longer a mailbox inside the pump house.


 Volunteers Needed

The Board decided it is important to complete an inventory of the contents of The Cottage in order to keep better track when things are borrowed. In order to do that we would like anyone interested in helping with taking an inventory, please contact Marian either by e-mail or phone. I will then set up a schedule. Thank you

Please insure that the Cottage door is firmly shut. Thank you




Board Meetings


October 14, 2011


Letter in reference that repairs or improvements over $5000 be approved by a majority vote of the association owners.  The board discussed this issue and will put a packet together including this proposal and the response of the association’s lawyer, so owners can vote on this at the annual meeting. 

Water Committee

Lewis  Builders has been hired as the General Contractor to oversee the whole well project.  Three companies submitted bids for the drilling and Northeast was chosen.

Old Business

Security Keys: only one name is missing from the list.

Roof Issues: A unit owner opened his roof and found improper installation of the ice and water shield, the board met and voted  to pay for the repair of the roof because this is considered common property under the condo bylaws.

Walk Around: A few condos have been experiencing leaking around windows and according to the bylaws owners own the doors & windows. However, it is unclear if this includes the casings. The Board will check with our lawyer.

The water pipes will be blown out next week by Hampstead. A notice will be sent to unit owners.


After final policy and guidelines approved by the Building Inspector, Michael Maguire and the Deputy Chief of the Windham Fire Department William Martineau, the Board voted to allow the use of electric generators.

Pest Control: It was determined that the wasp nest problem did not need to be voted on.

New Business

Outside lamp posts and lights were tabled for more information.

November 28, 2011

Water Committee

Charlie Lanza from Hampstead Water and Cynthia Klevons from DES will attend our annual meeting. The new well has been drilled. Samples were taken & submitted for analysis. Three issues were found with the water’s quality.  It is high in iron, manganese, & hardness. This may be related to drilling the well and may clear in time. A stress test of the well will be done in two weeks. This will show the overall quality of the aquifer. Then an official test will be done.

Old Business

Storm Damage: Four of the seven trees on Blackburn Rd. that were damaged in the Halloween storm were able to be saved. Three trees had to be removed and replaced. They were replaced with non-fruit bearing Newport Plum trees.

B & C has not completed the sink holes. Jim is to contact B & C to find out if they will complete in the Spring. If not, he will get another source to complete job.

The leak issues were addressed by Shawn Heffernan.

Our lawyer determined that the Association owns the outside door frames of the units.

New Business

This year the association will pay CAI membership dues, but not pay for anyone to attend the meetings.

We are awaiting the Rooter-Man report regarding two septic systems that were close to failing.

Marian reviewed the Capital Reserve Account. A recent study recommends putting 9% more each year into this account.  The association has not increased the amount put into this account in 3 years. This year we will do a 5 ½% increase.

Marian will set up a spreadsheet indicating the repayment each year and keep it separate. When there is sufficient money repaid, a CD will be purchased and titled Cottage Repayment in order to show the unit owners this is being completed. This will also be how the repayment of the water project will be handled.



Recently a letter was sent to all unit owners at Hadleigh Woods by Hampstead Area Water Co. concerning the subject matter.  This is a further explanation of that situation.

Dept. of Environmental Services (DES) from the State required that the two (2) samples be submitted per the required Master Sampling Schedule i.e. the last day of December namely, December 31, 2011, and they were not.  This constituted a Violation and, as such, all unit owners must be notified via a NOTICE OF VIOLATION.

The required two (2) samples, one each for IOC and Nitrates, were submitted four (4) days late.  The two (2) samples passed and were acceptable. This is considered a monitoring and reporting violation.  DES has indicated that we are now in compliance and the Violation will be closed.

DES said that there is no further action required; however, further failure if any to comply with these monitoring and reporting requirements may result in the imposition of a fine, the issuance of an administrative order or referral to Dept of Justice for appropriate penalties. If any of these conditions happens, it would be the responsibility of Hampstead Area Water Co. to handle. 

Hampstead has assured us that they have taken positive corrective action so that this would not happen again.  They will monitor very carefully the Master Sampling Schedule to prevent this from recurring.


Well Water Project-Update


The Project is moving along nicely.  The Preliminary Report for the New Well was prepared by Lewis Builders per the DES requirements and submitted to the State.  We have received approval of this report and now we are waiting for approval of the Conservation Plan which will probably be sometimes during the first week of March.  After these approvals the next step is to perform the required State 48 hour pumping test at a steady rate of 19.5 gallons per minutes with data collected per the DES requirements by certified personnel.  It does not look at this time that we will need volunteers for this testing.  This formal testing is scheduled for the week of March 12th.  A Notice will be issued through the Ombudsman with appropriate info at that time.  We will continue to monitor the progress.

The effort to split the irrigation system from the drinking water is likewise moving along.  A listing of potential irrigation contractors was generated from information from DES, Lewis Engineering and local yellow page lists.  There were some 8 contractors identified and contacted.  Out of those only 4 responded and came over to see what is involved in the project.  We are waiting for the Bids from these contractors. Again, we will continue to monitor the progress.



BOD and Well Water Project Mgr.


Neighbors Nearby

Neighbors Nearby – There are many benefits to living in our community of Hadleigh Woods, topping the list is the friendship we share with one another.

Many of us have been recipients of an extra dose of love and support in times of need.  They know how much that is appreciated.

The belief is that most of us are willing to reach out to others and lend a hand.  But … how?

Well, Nina has volunteered to be the resource person to contact for “Neighbors Nearby.”  Are you interested in joining in?  Maybe you could make a pot of soup, run an errand or provide transportation to doctor’s visits or hospital treatments.  The more of us that sign up the more easily the tasks could be shared.

The most important step is “Communication.”  Let Nina know if you or someone “nearby” is in need of support.  She’ll take it from there.  She’ll contact her helpers, and get the job done.

Remember “bloom where you are planted” – here in Hadleigh Woods.

Let’s work together to spread “blossoms” of good deeds around.  Call and thank Nina and keep her informed.  Cheers


New Transfer Station Days and Hours

On Thursday, February 2, 2011, the Transfer/Recycling Station began new operational hours. The Station will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm (4-10 hour days). Please make note of this change.


Team Maintenance

What type of periodic maintenance does your tankless water heater require?

Here are two pieces of periodic maintenance that you or Team Maintenance

can perform to keep your tankless water heater running smoothly:

In-line screen filter should be checked periodically for debris: (Period between filter checks will be dependent on water quality). Insure incoming water is turned off. The filter is located on inlet fixture below cabinet. Unscrew plug to remove. Expect some water drain off. Filter is a cylindrical screen.

Also, flush the unit periodically (Period between flushes will be dependent on water quality). This process will keep the unit free of scale and lime.




Breakfast Every Friday at 8:30 AM.   An informal breakfast, open to all residents and guests of Hadleigh Woods, is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside the Park Place Lanes.

Bowling Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The H-WOpen-To-All” bowling party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM at Park Place Lanes.  Afterward we go for a meal at either the Kitchen or the lounge at Park Lanes

Rail Trail Every Sunday.  The Derry Rail Trail is complete from the Windham line to route 102 (Main Street) in downtown Derry. Looks like we need to wait for the ice to clear from the trail or if we get any snow we can snowshoe or cross-country ski. We continue to go for breakfast at the Kitchen.