Hadleigh Woods Gazette

Volume 42                                     web site: hadleighwoods.com                                  May 2009


Discover What’s in Your Own Back Yard


What a lovely spring season we’ve had so far!  The neighborhood flowerbeds are in full bloom and it’s a treat to walk around for our own “garden tour”.   But, for a change of pace, why not go for a nature walk?  We have so many beautiful trails close by. 


America’s Stonehenge, right off of Route 111 (Haverhill Road) in Salem is a quiet walk through the woods where in addition to the ruins (explained on a pamphlet you receive with your admission); we were treated to loads of lily-of-the-valley, many showy pink lady slippers, wild geraniums, wild irises and marsh marigolds.  Another trail that’s within walking distance is right across Route 28, as you head toward Derry.  You’ve probably seen the brown wooden unmarked sign.  In addition to the wildflowers, Roger and I found an aging steam shovel and its parts, seemingly in the middle of nowhere!  Our imaginations ran wild with thoughts of how and why it was there.  Our third suggestion is straight up Route 28 Bypass into Manchester where the snowmobile trails that surround Lake Massabesic make for easy walking.  In addition to all the other flowers already mentioned, we saw wild blue lupines for the first time.  It’s also a great place to ride a bike or walk your dog.  (All dog owners we saw had their dogs leashed.)


Hadleigh Woods’ location can’t be beat.  We’re close to shopping and civilized needs, but just a heartbeat away from some beautiful, natural settings.  Take advantage of these places while the weather is still cool and breezy, but don’t forget to use your bug repellent before you go.


Do you have any tips about our surrounding area? (See Dolly’s FYI below as well) Favorite places to eat?  Good places to shop for produce or meat or other needs?  Lowest price for a carwash?  Best hairdresser or barber?  Fun places to visit? If so, please submit them to Cathy (TropicPalm@aol.com) by email.  We’ll add a few to each gazette so we can all benefit from each other’s experience!


            Cathy  893-5994                                                        Dolly    898-3376



Important Association News

Message from the President


Board Meeting.  In our effort to communicate more with the community, the Board has scheduled its next meeting on Friday, June 5th at the Alley Kat Restaurant beginning at 9:30 AM following our weekly Hadleigh Woods’ Friday breakfast.  Our agenda will include financial reports, insurance claims update, Landscape Committee report and Rooter-Man proposals. We welcome your presence, but remind you that your attendance is primarily as observers.  If time permits we will have open discussion.

Semi-Annual Meeting. This year’s semi-annual HWACCA meeting will be held on Saturday, July 11th at 10:00 AM at the pump house parking lot.

Septic Tanks.  All septic tanks have been pumped, Zabel filters cleaned, risers installed, one tank was repaired and Rooter-Man completed the ground repair and seeding.

Pennichuck. Our spring blowout of our water lines was done on May 20th.  This twice a year process appears to help us keep the manganese (black pepper looking specks) from appearing in our toilets and tubs.

A Reminder.  While doing our post winter inspection, we noticed a number of dryer vents that need to be cleaned.  A clogged vent could pose a fire hazard.



Team Maintenance

Tip of the Month


Down the drain.  Use a wet or dry shop vacuum with panty hose covering the end of the hose to retrieve items from a drain.


Just for Fun

Foxwoods 2009 - The motor coach leaves from the Park & Ride on Route 111 at 7 AM and returns at 7 PM.  The cost for the trip is $25. Please note that pre-registration is a must!  The deadline date for each trip is 10 days prior to the trip.  For more information, contact the Recreation Office at 965-1208 or by e-mail at Recreation@WindhamNewHampshire.com  Dates: June 17, August 19 and October 21.


Traditional Hadleigh Woods COOKOUT!!  Saturday, July 11th, 2 pm to ??? at the Pump House parking lot.   Rain Date: Saturday, July, 18th.   Everybody at Hadleigh Woods and their families are invited.  Just bring your appetite & your chairs.  There will be hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, beer, wine, cold drinks, water, and games for the kids and much more.  RSVP to Harry (890-3140) or Tom (893-2846) by Tuesday, July 1st.




Breakfast Every Friday at 8:30 AM.   An informal breakfast open to all residents and guests of Hadleigh Woods is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside the Park Place Lanes, unless you are notified differently.


Bowling Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The H-WOpen-To-All" bowling party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM at Park Place Lanes.  After, around 5:00 PM, everyone is welcome to join in for dinner at J. Michael’s Sports Pub on Rockingham Road.   


Rail Trail Every Sunday.  We have resumed our health walk on the Windham Rail Trail at 9:00 AM each Sunday morning. A number of walkers and non walkers go to breakfast at the Kitchen at Windham Junction around 10:00 AM.



Neighborhood News


The Chase Family lends a hand - The teamsters, with the help of the Chase family, raised $150,000 for the fight against autism at the Intercontinental Hotel of Boston, on March 28.  Special notice was given to the Chase family in the Teamster’s magazine write-up of the event.  Way to go, Nancy!


FYI - If you need a ride to Boston Logan or South Station, Boston Express is the way to go.  You can hop on board any of the buses leaving the bus station at exit two off of route 93. There are 17 trips each weekday, fewer on weekends. Free, safe parking is available, even a cup of coffee is included.  Rates are reasonable at $29 round trip, with open-ended returns.  If you are over 65, the rate is an unbelievable half price. Leave the driving to them and avoid those hefty parking charges.


The Last Word



Here are some important dates to remember.


June 14th, Flag Day

On June 14, 1777 The Continental Congress requested a national flag have 13 alternating red and white stripes and a field of blue with 13 white stars representing the original states.

Some 60 different flags were in use by the government until President Taft, on June 24th, 1912, standardized the proportions and arrangement of stars.  But it wasn't until August 3rd, 1949, that President Truman signed the National Flag Day Bill recognizing June 14th as Flag Day, encouraging all to honor and display the Stars and Stripes.  So neighbors, it's time to do a little flag waving!!!!


June 21st, Father's Day

As early as 1908, various churches started ceremonies honoring fathers. Their popularity spread throughout the states, but it wasn't until 1972 that President Nixon signed a bill designating the third Sunday of June, every year, as Father's Day. Though, like Mother's Day, it has become a commercially successful event, its intent remains: to recognize our love and respect for our dads.


June 21st -- The first day of Summer.  ENJOY!!!!