Hadleigh Woods Gazette

Volume 59                                      website: hadleighwoods.com                          November 2011



Never have we had such a crazy weather pattern.

October in New England, where everything DID happen.

Varied temps brought some cool days, others quite balmy,

Ending with a vengeance, turning cold and very stormy.

Moving towards year’s end now, the eleventh month is here

Beware that recent changes will turn even more severe.

Enduring these four seasons, we are brave to stick around

Remembering these mild days, before the ice and snow abound.





Important Association News

Message from the President


This has certainly been an eventful Fall.  We’ve only had a few days of cold to help save on our heating bills, but the surprise Northeaster was a shock.  With that in mind, the repair/replacement to the trees on Blackburn is now completed.  We were able to save 4 of the 7 damaged trees, but had to replace 3.  These were replaced with Newport Plum (a non-fruit bearing) that has pink/white flowers in spring and burgundy leaves throughout the rest of the season.  Considering the issues other areas had, we were very fortunate to only have that damage and only lost our electricity for about 24 hours.

Painting of the bulkheads, garage door frames and stoop columns was completed.  Volunteers have been trying to keep up with the damaged lamp posts, but it seems this will be an issue that the Board needs to address next year as we do not have enough replacement parts at this time.  

A reminder that our Annual Condo Meeting will be held on Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 7 PM at the Windham Middle School.  Both Hampstead Water and DES will again be present to answer any questions regarding our water project.  At the writing of this message, the well has been dug and we are waiting for the results of the preliminary testing to see if we can proceed.  More information will be given at the annual meeting.

The election of two Board members will be conducted that night.  Both Dom and Ed will be finishing their volunteer service and we need some people to “step up”.   Someone who is willing to give a few hours a month and has some computer knowledge would be greatly appreciated.  Please think about helping us all continue to have Hadleigh Woods such a great community.




Board Meetings


August 12, 2011

The Treasurer’s Report – Three CD’s were rolled over and the subsurface CD was cashed to pay for the upcoming septic cleaning.

A unit owner wrote a letter to the Board requesting that a provision be added to the Bylaws. This provision would require that any repairs or improvements over $5000 be approved by a majority vote of the Association owners. It would also require the Board to obtain three bids for all repairs or improvements over $5000 to the common areas. The President will get an opinion from the Association’s lawyer.

Landscape Committee reported that it has received bids from three companies for landscaping and snow removal. The bid from B&C contained two proposals, one with and one without fertilization. Also received proposals from Lawnmaster and Randall Landscaping. The Board voted to accept the B&C contract.

Water Committee - The latest water test results showed that the sodium and calcium are up and the hardness is down. The results are trending upward but not as much as in 2010, because the backwash cycle has decreased, the discharge location was changed, the number of cycles has been decreased, and there has been no watering of the lawns. This has not exacerbated the situation, but it hasn’t improved it. The state wanted us to tank the backwash right away. However, they will review the situation in the fall, but not take any action until the spring. It was proposed that the organization needs a contractor to oversee this process. Lewis Company was used by the builder of Hadleigh Woods to coordinate the water systems, so the Board will contact them.

The results of the walk around were discussed. All the mailbox posts were sealed. All sinkholes were done. The Board will contact Total Deck Care about painting the bulkheads. Eastern Propane will paint their pipes.


September 16, 2011

Financial report - three CD’s from ING will be ready for review November 24, November 25, and December 4.

There were a number of requests for both permanent and portable generators. The Board researched requirements for placement, exhaust, gas hookups, etc. The Deputy Fire Chief from Windham Fire Department is coming Monday, September 19th at 1 p.m. to walk the property to determine the correct placement of generators with proximity to units as well as answering questions that have arisen. A special meeting will be called after the answers are obtained for the Board to make a determination regarding installation of generators.

The Board is in the process of obtaining second bids (first coming from Hampstead) for well digging, separation of irrigation system and engineering firms prior to making a final decision.  The Board determined that this project is beyond the scope of anyone within the community and therefore, would need an engineering company to oversee the actual project.

Shawn Heffernan will repair roof issues at units 15 Flat Rock and 10 Hadleigh.

B&C was contacted on June 14 regarding the sink holes and to date, they have not been corrected. The Board will contact B&C again and will add a couple of additional holes to be completed.

Total Deck Care will begin painting the doorframes and columns in the next couple of weeks. While they are on the property, they will give an estimate on the cost of painting the bulkheads.

Tom T. returned the Security Sign-Off Sheet for the pump house with two signatures still to be obtained. Marian will get those names and file the form with the other security sign-off sheets.

The By-Law Change was discussed in detail after Board members reviewed the lawyer’s response. Since the change proposed would put an undo constraint on the Board, it moved to create the following:

“It is proposed that the Board of Directors establish an independent Management Review Committee and anything dealing with “additions, alterations, and improvement” would have to be reviewed and approved by the independent Management Review Committee before the Board of Directors could take any action dealing with “additions, alterations, and improvements”.

Tom T. has been volunteering to remove wasp and bee nests from homes and common property. However, this year the number has greatly increased and he wishes to be compensated. This cannot be done by the Board. The Board needs to hire someone who has liability insurance to remove them. The Board will hire an outside exterminator to remove nests from common property.

The Board discussed the repair of Domenic’s roof. Two and one-half to three feet of the ice and water shield in the valley of the roof were missing causing water to leak into the condo. Domenic paid $1250 out of his own pocket for this to be repaired. Since roof repair is the responsibility of the organization, the Board of Directors approved and will pay for the repair of Domenic’s roof.

Two cases of rain coming in through the upper living room window were then discussed by the Board.  According to our Bylaws owners are responsible for problems with windows and doors. Marian suggested that the owners call Team Maintenance to solve the problem. 

Water Project - Roger reported on the most recent developments with the water project.  He reviewed the proposal from Lewis Builders, which he had e-mailed to the Board members.  He will be meeting with Charles Lanza from Lewis Builders again on October 13th and will have Tom Harvey accompany him. 


 Volunteers are Healthier

The happiest people almost always volunteer in some fashion—at their church, with environmental groups, for social-service organizations and the like.  Volunteering means spending time with others, and it also takes your mind off your own problems and increases self-worth and pride in your community.

Studies have shown that altruism has an effect on the brain that is similar to that of sugar and cocaine.  It creates feelings of well-being, along with an addictive feedback loop that encourages people to keep doing it.

Also, volunteers are healthier.  They tend to weigh less than those who don’t volunteer, and they’re even less likely to suffer a heart attack.

Commit to volunteering for a set period of time—say, once a week for four weeks.  People are more likely to keep doing it when they make this initial commitment—and then get “hooked” on the rewards.


 Team Maintenance

Freezers run more efficiently when they're three-quarters or more full. When provisions drop, fill milk cartons or jugs with water and put them in the freezer to take up empty space.

Wiping the inside of the fridge with vinegar helps prevent mildew because acid kills mildew fungus.



Breakfast Every Friday at 8:30 AM.   An informal breakfast, open to all residents and guests of Hadleigh Woods, is held every Friday at 8:30 AM at the Alley Kat Grill located inside the Park Place Lanes, unless you are notified differently.

Bowling Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  The H-WOpen-To-All” bowling party is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM at Park Place Lanes.  Afterward we go for a meal at either J. Michaels or the KitchenFor the next six weeks or so, bowling will be on Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 PM.

Rail Trail Every Sunday.  The Derry Rail Trail is complete from the Windham line to route 102 (Main Street) in downtown Derry. With the construction on the Windham Rail Trail of the overpass road, some of us have been walking the Derry trail.  Non-walkers are welcome to join us at the Kitchen.




  Meet Your Neighbors



George and Mary Lou have lived at Hadleigh Woods for seven years. They moved here from the West side of Windham, where they had been living for 25 years.

Mary Lou, was born and educated in New York City, where she lived with her parents and two younger sisters. She graduated from Hunter College with a degree in Education and taught three years in Manhattan, and one in Braintree, MA.

George grew up in Milton, MA. where he lived with his parents. He received his education there and graduated from Northeastern University with a major in Human Resources. He then spent six weeks in training at Fort Gordon, Ga. and was then commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the U.S. Army Signal Corp. It was during this time that Mary Lou and George met on the Jersey Shore while she was vacationing and he was stationed at Fort Monmouth.

They were married on July 2, 1966 and moved to Braintree Mass. They stayed for just one year before moving to Schenectady, N.Y., when George accepted a job with G.E. While there, their two children, Stephen and Suzanne, were born.

Opportunity knocked once again for George, and eleven years later, the Hockaday’s moved to Windham, N.H., where they have been ever since.

Their two children remain close by. Suzanne and her husband, Michael, live in Plaistow with their two sons, Matthew and Shawn. Stephen, a bachelor, lives in Gilmanton, and works for the Neilson Company.

Mary Lou taught first and second grade for sixteen years in Pelham. Since being retired she enjoys reading, water aerobics, walking, gardening and spending winters in Florida.

George enjoys skiing, boating, cars and riding his motorcycle.

They both claim to enjoy living at Hadleigh Woods and have no regrets about moving here.

They like the many friendly people they have met and are happy they no longer have to mow the lawn or shovel snow.


 The Last Word

November brings us a unique “American” holiday that many call their favorite, Thanksgiving.

It unites us to enjoy family, friends, feast and even football.

Hopefully, we take some time to express gratitude for the bounty we experience. For some amongst us there’s not so much. That’s what makes the celebration so appropriate. Give “Thanks”, for all we have, and take the time to do some “giving” to those less fortunate.

To every neighbor here at Hadleigh Woods, best wishes for a sumptuous repast, with moderate portions, around a cheerful gathering at table.

 Cheers Dolly