We, collectively, are the association of Hadleigh Woods. We all own and share in the common area. It is in our best interest to follow the laws that govern adult condominiums as well as our own rules and regulations. We all want to be proud of what we have here and must work together to build and maintain the most beautiful development in the area.
Some Definitions Individual Unit Responsibilities – The Interior walls from the inside of the framing studs, all structural contents, inside plumbing, heat and air conditioning systems, doors, windows, cabinetry, flooring, insulation, wiring etc. Unit owners are also responsible for maintaining the rear decks with sealant/stain consistent with Association guidelines. Decks are considered limited common area. It is noteworthy that No Structural Changes are to be made in any Unit. Common Area (Responsibility of the Association) – From the Framing studs out and including the siding and roof plus all grounds ( all lawns, wooded areas, mulched areas, septic systems and driveways). The surface of Hadleigh and BlackBurn Roads are also in the common area. Flat Rock Road surface is town property. No alterations or additions to any common areas are allowed without approval of the Board of Directors.
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Hadleigh Woods Association and Individual Unit Responsibilities
Unit owners are responsible for maintaining their decks. The recommended sealant is TWP 203 Gold, available at Down to Earth Products (DTEP) @ www.dteps.com.
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