Solar Project 2023
Reasons to Go Solar 1. Locally-produced energy 2. Reduced electricity bills 3. Tax reductions and incentives 4. Flexible financing 5. Easy installation 6. Durability & easy maintenance 7. Clean & emission free 8. Conserves natural resources 9. Accessible in remote areas
Solar Power for our Pump House
Solar Committee : Richard, Gene, Paul, Suzzane @ Reni
Solar power was investigated a number of years ago. At the time we required power 24/7. We did not implement due to cost and battery storage issues. Today we have an upgraded power management system that does not require constant power and together with advancements in the solar power industry we feel that the time is right to revisit solar power. Our current monthly electricity cost is around $500/month. Further encouragement came from fact that the Nesmith Library has installed solar power. Because the Town of Windham has already selected what would be our most logical solar company, we will be focusing on Revision Energy. At the 1/19/23 meeting of the Board of Directors they agreed that we should continue to pursue the matter. A Solar Committee was formed and we hope to have a more specific detailed report to give at the next available open BOD meeting.
Solar Project Solar Project